The Walking Dead | Good Game Review

GG writes: You're just a passive observer, barely taking part in game. I want challenge in a game be it puzzle or action, and to feel like I'm in the drivers seat, not a backseat driver. If I could have just bought the one episode, like other episodic games I would have let this go and been okay with it but I found no way to do that, and had to buy the whole series which left me feeling ripped off. I know that's not completely fair but it's how I felt at the end.

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cruncher_202260d ago

Perfect exemple of someone that didn't know what he was purchasing !

Glass can be half-full or half-empty !

If you compare this game with call of duty... Hell yeah you are a passive observer (half-empty) but if you compare this game to a movie where you are the hero... well it pretty cool...

This guy is a moron !

cooperdnizzle2260d ago

I agree with you cruncher. This guy is an idiot. I thought the game was awesome...

buddymagoo2260d ago

This was the perfect game for a true Walking Dead experience. I love The Walking Dead comics/tv and I loved this. You won't be disappointed if you get this game.

dragonopt12260d ago

I agree with the girl, it's more of a interactive comic book type game. Which I for one really enjoyed since I like the tv show as well. I bought this for my friend who was on the fence about it and he's really enjoying it.

h311rais3r2260d ago

These guys never review anything properly. They only like mainstream casual games. Tey should shut down.