Submitted by Jayonhavok 805d ago | opinion piece

Diablo III Isn’t Diablo II, Deal With It

With Diablo III’s release right around the corner, there has been a huge amount of discussion about it recently.

As the internet is won't to do, a lot of this discussion is concern over how fans that have been so invested in the series are absolutely certain that it’s going to be horrible. “You don’t have to specialize anymore!”, “Enemies drop healing power ups!?”, so on and so forth. I say: Rubbish. (Diablo III, PC)

DethWish  +   805d ago
No, it's a watered-down diablo 2, all they did was remove shit and up the graphics
vallencer  +   805d ago
It took me awhile too but eventually your nostalgia glasses will come off and you'll realize its a better game.
ZodTheRipper  +   805d ago
No, it's better or on par with D2 in almost every aspect.

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