The EA Indie Bungle

Or: How Greed And Anger Nearly Ruined A Nice Thing writes: "Chances are many of you heard of the EA Indie Bundle for entirely the wrong reasons, not least of which being its name. EA's casual use of the word 'Indie' was the tip of an avaricious iceberg that caught the attention of Markus "Notch" Persson, who proceeded to slam EA as a "bunch of cynical b*stards" and blame them for "methodically destroying" the games industry. These comments quickly spread through Twitter into every corner of the internet, sparking angry debate between players, journalists and even indie developers from all over the industry.

All that over a reduced price for Gatling Gears, Deathspank, Shank, Shank 2 and WARP. Depressingly, both sides were completely in the wrong in this case, overshadowing a nice little bundle with rampant greed on the one hand and massive over-reaction on the other."

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vortis2206d ago

Nah, it was not an over-reaction. "Notch" spoke up and had the balls to say what shriveled up video game journalists are afraid to do...THEIR JOB!

NYC_Gamer2206d ago

Notch did the right thing by speaking up against EA's greed/me too attitude...