Diehard GameFAN: 20 Levels of TERA

DHGF: One of the things that has impressed me about TERA, and not just the polish on it and how well combat moves, is how gorgeous the entire game looks and feels. When you’re up over looking a valley, or looking up at a giant tree, or even just admiring your character or an NPC, this game is stunning. That being said, the cloth armor and even some of the metal armor for any of the characters follows an anime or manga rule to them, meaning they’re pretty to look at, can mostly double for bedroom or fetish attire, and are completely and totally impractical for combat wear. I don’t demand realism, but a certain level of it is nice on occasion. I mean, my one outfit for my Elementalist in Guild Wars looks like a Harem Girl’s dancing outfit, but she’s a caster who gets tissue paper for armor anyway and most of her other armor looks, well, like armor

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