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Has the time finally come when the First Person Shooter (FPS) genre isn’t dominating the gaming industry? It sure looks like it. Kyle dives into a growing genre in the video game industry that might be able to take on the FPS genre.

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BiggCMan2084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )

Unfortunately, as long as CoD still sells like it does, so many companies will still release their own versions of it, and that won't stop as soon as people think it will. However it doesn't mean that other genres won't be very popular as well, just not as much as the Shooter genre. For some reason it has become a staple in the industry to shoot guns. Personally I enjoy any game with magic much more than bullets, at least when it comes to action/adventure.

TheModernKamikaze2084d ago

Seriously I can't take first person shooters. If they could just think an idea to make it fresh not stale army wars.

Suga Shane2084d ago

It will never completely die off but some day there will be a small FPS group. When I was younger fighting games like MK and SF were all the rage. You had Clay Fighters, that one with the dinosaurs, and others. It seemed to me that the fighting craze has died down but is still around and that is what i feel will happen to the FPS genre.

Hicken2084d ago

I don't know if there's enough evidence for anyone to say this. A lot of other games have made pretty big sales, but FPS is still the largest selling genre right now. To be honest, I'd prefer if it was the JRPG, but it's probably best if it's spread out amongst a few different genres. As long as it's not FPS/TPS and then, say, action adventure third, the industry would be looking a lot better.

If this IS the start of the FPS's decline, it'll still be some years- depending on when various systems release- before they drop from stratospheric levels down to where everything else is... or for something else to rise above it.


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