Five Games Where Streamlining Went Wrong

Senior Stiv from Non-Fiction Gaming takes a controversial stance on what games have been lack lustre because of the streamlining process.

"Streamlining video games has become the ‘in thing’ for video game development these days. Most games have benefited from the streamlining touch, with improved gameplay and making everything all around user friendly for the player....."

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NYC_Gamer2138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

I'm against all the mainstream/streamlining crap....once the franchise has an audience build on that instead of being greedy by dumbing down the experience to bring in new players/profit...

Godmars2902138d ago

Streamlining is just an excuse buy devs to put less effort into a game.

Which is nothing but a crime when considering a Mass Effect, which only simplified gameplay when it needed to be more in depth.

BraveToaster2137d ago

I like how 40% of this list is Bioware.
40% of this list is Bioware after they were bought out by EA.