Atari: No Delay to Alone In The Dark

In a short statement to Total Video Games on January 11, an Atari UK spokesperson denied the reports that Alone In The Dark had been delayed to September, and dismissed them as 'rumours'.

Reported by Jon Wilcox

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games4fun3391d ago

alone in the dark looks interesting

Skerj3391d ago

This better be true, I want this game before the other stuff hits.

Laexerias3391d ago


Yagagagagagaga, Atari fails. J/K, the features in the game promise to be f*cking awesome in my opinion.
When should it be released?

MrWeymes3391d ago

We need more dancing penguins on this site..On topic, I am glad to hear this game hasn't been delayed. I'm looking forward to it.

Laexerias3391d ago

I would love some more dancing Penguins.

akaFullMetal3390d ago

is it just me or does that guy in the picture look like Keanu Reeves?