An Image of Mystery: The Increasing Presence of Freemasonry in Video Games The world of the video gamer and the world of the Freemason appear to be in
parity statistically, so why is there a marked increase in the presence of
Freemasonry in video games? While the use of our fraternity has been overt
in some of the more popular video games in recent years — the Assassin’s
Creed series is a good example of that — a much more discrete and almost
invisible presence has appeared in video games in recent years, placing the
fraternity in plain sight while at the same time presenting so subtle a
presence that it is usually noticed only by the initiated. The question of
why Freemasonry has suddenly become a more common sight in video games has
a very complex answer — and that answer may surprise you…

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WolfLeBlack2262d ago

I have found it odd that Freemasonary has been popping up a lot more than usual lately. :D

Wintersun6162262d ago

Maybe it's partially psychological. When you grow interested or curious about something you start conciously noticing that thing more often, when it previously had slipped your mind.

Or maybe I am one of them and I'm trying to convince people it's only in your head.

Blackdeath_6632262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

its really hard to tell when movies and video games use freemasonary symbols for artistic affect or weather they actually mean it. for example assassins creed has the most obvious use of the masonic eye/pyramid but it is part of the story line and was meant to be there.

i find that alot of times people overreact over pathetic things and link them to freemasonary also, its hardly a secret anymore every one i ask or see knows about it or illuminati it even came on BBC news.
heres a link to the news article give it a good read:
(in the comment in the link above, someone mentions he use to be apart of the freemasons and says its just a bit of fun)

pr0digyZA2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

Well it is all fun and games, until you get deeper into it, where only a few people can get to, then it starts getting more intense like not being allowed to leave the fraternity and taking oaths etc... I don't think they are trying to hide it, they probably want more support.

Yangus2262d ago

Illuminati and NWO coming?Its true?

specialguest2262d ago

Freemasons are harmless. Its the secret inner circle group within the Freemasons known as the illuninati that are the evil ones. Most Freemasons are telling the truth when they deny the existence of the Illuminati.

MariaHelFutura2262d ago

Never bite the hand that feeds you.

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