Diehard GameFAN: Supremacy MMA: Unrestricted Review

DHGF: Unless you’re seriously looking for an MMA game for your Vita, Supremacy MMA: Unrestricted isn’t likely to be something you’ll find to be a good acquisition, as it’s unpolished at best and disappointing at worst. There’s a decent amount of modes in the game, and the game looks and sounds acceptable if unexciting, though the textures are lower resolution than one would hope. The gameplay is acceptable in theory and, when it works, can be fun, and there’s a decent amount of content if you find what the game does enjoyable. That said, the game feels emphasized towards grappling over strikes and makes strikers feel inadequate as a result, playing online is difficult due to a dearth of opponents and technical issues when you can find someone, and there are input delays and mechanical hiccups in general. Further, the characters feel too similar to one another overall, the AI feels punishing unless you take on things in a very specific order that the game doesn’t hint at, there’s a lack of variety when compared to competing products in general, and the Femmes Fatales mode is fluff that could really stand expansion the game isn’t willing to offer.

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