Next Tales of announced in Jump

Gematsu: "Next week’s issue of Jump contains first look at the next Tales game."

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pedrami912208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

3DS is the next platform.

NewMonday2208d ago

Xillia for on the PS3 is the highest selling Tales game in a long time, would be stupid if they changed platforms again, they should stick to one place or do it multi-platform

ronin4life2208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

June 2 announcement?
Its a wiiu game.(at least in part)

I think that also depends on how far along it is in development.
If this is a 2014 game, ps3 may not make much sense.

Crystallis2208d ago

I'm just waiting on the announcement for xilla for the states.

TheColbertinator2208d ago

Same here.Graces F sold more on PS3 than Vesperia did when it released on the 360.Lets hope Namco takes that as a sign people still buy their games here.

Hicken2208d ago

Provided they put them on the right system. I mean, no offense, but most JRPG fans bought PS3s rather than 360s.

Snookies122208d ago

I bought Graces F, and it was amazing... I've heard mixed things about Xillia, but I have to say if the next Tales of game is as good as Graces F, I will buy that in a heartbeat!

mr_badhand2208d ago

I really hope they bring Tales to the states.

Cryptcuzz2208d ago

I love the tales game, something about the characters that are much more memorable. I hope this game will be released outside of Japan, as well as Vesperia and Xilla.

Don't think Namco, just do it!

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