Spec Ops: The Line Xbox 360 vs PS3 HD Screenshot Comparison

Check out a HD screenshot comparison between the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Spec Ops: The Line. Which one looks best?

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chukamachine2259d ago

Ugly, needs aa. And the 360 seems to be smudged.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

Is the 360 version subhd? Why's it look so blurry?

BTW the demo is pretty fun. Shooting feels really good but the color palette is gonna get annoying after awhile. Maybe it's just personal but it's actually hard for me to look at. Even after adjusting the gamma.

Raider692258d ago

Theres no diference in does shots!The only thing thats diferent is the color saturation!The 360 haves a more yellow look due to the color saturations.

theeg2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

looking at these screens, the pc version is the way to go

r212258d ago

you dont say? honestly for the best graphics, pc is the best platform but if you like consoles, play on them :D