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BioShock Infinite delayed to 2013; will be "even more extraordinary"

TVGB: "2K has just announced that it's delayed BioShock Infinite to next year, with February 2013 the new target. We can almost see the tears in Elizabeth's eyes." (BioShock: Infinite, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Dark360   866d ago | Bad language | show | Replies(2)
NYC_Gamer  +   866d ago
Damn :(
GiggMan  +   866d ago
Yeah that sucks for real :(
RankFTW  +   865d ago
Noooooooooooo, feels like we've been waiting forever already :(.
F7U12  +   865d ago
"Since then, we’ve uncovered opportunities to make Infinite into something even more extraordinary"

Yeah I'm starting to really consider the rumors now...new hardware by next year. I just hope Sony has the PS4 ready by then also.
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dark-hollow  +   866d ago

i know its for the good of the game but the wait is killing me :(
Nimblest-Assassin  +   866d ago

"Darth Vader voice"


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NukaCola  +   865d ago

This kind of sucks. This just dumps on me after Ni No Kuni was pushed into 2013.
SeekDev  +   865d ago
@NukaCola, I just found out about Infinite being delayed, and you tell me that Ni No Kuni was too? How am I ever going to do my math homework when I'm hit with this news?
TruthSeeker  +   865d ago
It does suck, but Im glad they will be putting more time into the game, it'll be even better come next year! It is a relief for my wallet though.
Cajun Chicken  +   866d ago
Just knew this was going to happen.
LOGICWINS  +   866d ago
BLOPS 2, Halo 4, AC3, Tomb Raider, the Last of Us, Resident Evil 6 etc. It was inevitable. Bioshock Infinite would have be cannibalized if it came out this year.
gaffyh  +   865d ago
From that list, Tomb Raider is soo gonna fail if it comes out in November. Maybe Bioshock is delayed because GTAV is coming out around the holiday season?
LOGICWINS  +   865d ago
I don't think Tomb Raider should come out this year either. Early 2013 makes more sense.

I def think GTAV is coming out this year.

Max Payne 3 and GTAV in 2012

Bioshock Infinite and the next Red Dead game in 2013.
Patriots_Pride  +   866d ago

Thats the only thing I can right from going mad.
Baka-akaB  +   866d ago
I'll get killed but good ! Was going to have a financial nightmare even while ignoring stuff like gta and cod .
PhantomT1412  +   866d ago
At least, I hope this means the coast is clear for GTA V, now that T2 doesn't have to worry about internal competition...
John Kratos  +   866d ago
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SeekDev  +   865d ago
Sums it up quite nicely.
wanieldiik  +   866d ago
damn it, was really looking forward for this one. oh well
Marlec  +   866d ago
We can almost see the tears in Elizabeth’s eyes, well check out the photo i took of myself 5 seconds after i saw the headline if you wanna see real tears Ken :(

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Convas  +   866d ago
On the bright side, I won't have to spend $120 in the month of October buying both Bioshock Infinite AND Assassins Creed III.

Still a day one!!
hennessey86  +   866d ago
but on the bright side it will give them time to make the game even better.
munish23  +   866d ago
This will give us room to actually enjoy some games rather than cramming them all into such a small amount of time. Last year there were too many games, and I didn't really get to experience all of them as I should have.
rezzah  +   866d ago
November is always the craziest month for gaming. Some of the best and most popular games come out that month.

This year will be no different.
munish23  +   865d ago
November will be all about halo 4 for me this year.
jbiz320  +   865d ago
Make that October AND November. This year those two months are equally bananas.
Darth Stewie  +   866d ago
Nooooo this sucks but hopefully this means GTA5 will release this year. If both Bioshock and GTA 5 don't release in 2012 than the only people that will be happy will be Capcom and Ubisoft because their biggest titles release in October
Kennytaur  +   866d ago
Damn it! This was one of my most anticipated titles of the year..... Well, it gives me more time to work on my backlog at least.
noxeven  +   866d ago
are u kidding wtf. sigh well now i have nothing i really give 2 shits about atm to look forward to
Rampaged Death  +   866d ago
Worst news of the year unless GTA is replacing it.
TheModernKamikaze  +   866d ago
At least they're going to improve it more!
esemce  +   866d ago
Ya Bastad!
dan_chan89  +   866d ago
Emilio_Estevez  +   866d ago
While that sucks, at least my wallet will be happier this holiday season.
Moncole  +   866d ago
People are making its the end of the world.
Croash  +   865d ago
Well I was looking forward to playing it before 21st December 2012! /stupidity.

But seriously, this was one of my most wanted games of 2012 along with Darksiders 2 and a few others. I'm really hyped because of Levine's way of thinking and the special difficulty mode which, after having playing through Bioshock on Survivor without using Vita-chambers, is something I hope will be a thrilling experience.

But anyway, as always, time flows quickly. E3 2012 is a month away (wh..what?!) and 2013 is just around the corner. I'm sure Bioshock Infinite will receive enough coverage before its release for it to look even more interesting and, hopefully, it will eventually sell more copies than Bioshock/Bioshock 2.
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Sizzon  +   865d ago
Oh... :( that sux I wanted it more than AC3 etc.
SageHonor  +   865d ago
Smart move but shit
nik666uk  +   865d ago
Or, "It's a mess and needs some work doing to it" Or, "We weren't as far through with the game as we said we were previously"
Ricksta_13  +   865d ago
Im actually Happy, made a list of 20+ games I need to buy. Not enough time !!!
Zechs34  +   865d ago
Yeah, this all but confirms that too many games are coming out at that time.

Edit: Hell, not to mention GTA V rumored to come out around that time frame. Oh well, we now have the first true 2013 GOTY candidate.
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BushLitter  +   865d ago
Which also gives AC3 clear 2012 GOTY winner now that Bioshock's out of the running
Zechs34  +   865d ago
And I am inclined to agree, unless (and this is just wishful and opinionated thinking on my part) The Last of Us touches down this year. :)
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BushLitter  +   865d ago
Haha yeah, that might shake things up a bit :) But I seriously doubt it. If it were going to release this year, we would have known by now. Same goes for GTAV, sad to say. My wallet is all smiles and butterflies though
sriki007  +   865d ago
something activision must learn. Delaying the games to make it better.
Holeran  +   865d ago
If it means a better game for the same $60 then take all the time that you need.
dorron  +   865d ago
PS Vita Version and PS3/Vita cross purchase, please!!!
Raoh  +   865d ago
r21  +   865d ago
well there goes one of my must buy list of games.
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