Uncharted 4: 5 treasures it should look for next

Uncharted 4 has a lot to live up to. For three games it’s made globe trotting around the world in search of shiny things look like the coolest job ever. So, with that in mind, here are our (OPM's) choices for the treasure we want to chase in number 4.

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inveni02265d ago

As an atheist, I think they should go antediluvian. It would allow them to create their own story, and use technology instead of magic as a hook. A great race of men, wiped out by a killer flood? Maybe not. Only Drake can find out the truth.

Or, he could seek out the Tower of Babel (which would also be antediluvian), only to find that it was a big hoax of some sort.

jukins2265d ago

i hear ya on that what i would love for them to go that route controversial indeed, at least to some.

inveni02265d ago

"Controversial" It's a shame that true and false are still considered such.

Run_bare2265d ago

Wow, all those premise are really good and they should pay attention to novelist Andy McDermott. I can't wait for naughty dog to come up with an adventure with nathan drake.

ginsunuva2265d ago

I think they should lay off the traditional treasure, and uncover some international, multibillion dollar, intergovernmental conspiracy and.... the illuminati and..... somehow end up in space while fighting the CIA.

Nac2265d ago

Just please make it as cinematic as UC3 and I don't care what they look for.

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GamingManiac2265d ago

1 and 4 sound very interesting! :D

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