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Is Call of Duty 4 converting all the Halo 3 die-hards?

Gamer.Blorge, January 12, 2008, by Triston McIntyre:

McIntyre recently visited his local GameStop retailer, and spoke briefly with a sales manager there who responded to his comment about taking a break from Halo 3 by saying, "Yeah, it seems that more and more Halo 3 die-hards are taking permanent breaks in favor of Call of Duty." Why could one of the most popular first person shooter series in history be losing its strongest fans to a game of a completely different vein?

Though McIntyre has no evidence of this, here are a few thoughts as to why Halo 3 would be losing gamers to the uber-popular Call of Duty 4 (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Halo 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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toughNAME  +   2760d ago
It's a solid game...but the party system stops me from becoming a COD4 die hard

For me, COD4 online play isn't even in the same league as Halo 3

...and why is this person making such an effort to convert people to PS3?
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Sayai jin  +   2759d ago
Agreed. I like COD 4 multi player and Halo 3 multi player. I prefer Halo 3 over COD's multi though. I do not see many people converting over to COD, however I do see people going to to play Gears of War.
Hagaf22  +   2760d ago
he was sooooo close to the truth when he said "..and let’s be honest…there isn’t much more to the 360 than Halo 3 and Mass Effect at this point in time" if he would have just added the game of the year bioshock in there he would have nailed it... ill stick it out with ps3, seems like things are brighter here on the dark side
jackdoe  +   2760d ago
Er, I highly doubt a Gamestop sales manager would know the trends of online gaming. Anyway, CoD4 running like sh!t for anyone on the PS3 or 360? I'm getting a hell of a lot of connection interrupted and it is pissing me off.
The_Dragon  +   2760d ago
Ain't that the truth
The console versions of Call of Duty 4 suck right now but it make you wonder why. How come all of the sudden everything went to crap? That's why I stick to the PC version. No problems that I know of.
jackdoe  +   2760d ago
I mean, I lose games that I get disconnected from, even when I'm in the lead!
Rocko  +   2760d ago
Yes definitely.
Its really f**king annoying. Infinity Ward needs to get there sh*t together.
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hfaze  +   2760d ago
I've noitced that CoD4 online goes to crap when there's a LOT of people online with it. On both the PS3 and 360.

Here's to hoping that the next patch comes soon and addresses a lot of these issues. Electing a new host when the host cancels will be a big one... =)
JsonHenry  +   2760d ago
The PC verion FTW!!

Leaning around corners makes a big difference in gameplay compared to the console versions. : )
AzaziL  +   2760d ago
damn I was getting into this game, damn you christmas and all the newbs that came on at once and wrecked the servers!!

Sucks that it still isn't fixed, I'm really starting to miss it.
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Panthers  +   2760d ago
lean and peak should have been in the console version. its not like they didnt have enough buttons
Amnesiac  +   2759d ago
it's "ooh-rah"

Kleptic  +   2759d ago
the PS3 recently got a patch, with a new game mode, and some server changes...I am sure XBL probably got the same thing...but since the patch I have had very little trouble connecting and having no lag again...a far different story from the 1st week of the new year...

but I absolutely hate the 20 kill free for all change...30 was perfect...I loved coming into the first game when someone already had 65 points, and still knowing you have plenty of time to catch him...the game time is still set at 10 minutes...yet with some luck on finding people, I have seen these things end in just 3 minutes...really annoying...30 kills made it were a lucky streak of kills didn't put you into the win...you had to remain completely consistent...now you see some chump run up to like 18 kills with a helicopter streak, mostly because there are so many new people that don't know to take cover when they hear that thing coming in...
name  +   2760d ago
NOTHING can convert Halo 3 die hards. They'd rather die than play something else.
BloodySinner  +   2760d ago
Says the PS3 fanboy who has never touched an Xbox 360.

I've been playing COD4 since it's debut. The one major reason for that is because I completed Halo 3 and have all the achievement points for it (Haha! What would you know about that? Like I said earlier, you never touched the console). I completed COD4 as well, have all achievements for it as well and I'm at Level 55 (I refuse to go through prestige mode!).

The game is really kick-ass. I even bought a copy for my friend for Christmas over Halo 3. Since I figured he'd enjoy that more.
Hagaf22  +   2760d ago
@ 4.1
so basically all you said right there was "im an achievement wh@re and cant play prestige mode because my skills involve me having a 50 cal and p90." grow up, not every one needs 360 to know what they are talking about , you just keep praising the 360 as gold and let others be...
BloodySinner  +   2760d ago
Stop crying. - http://www.n4g.com/NewsCom-...
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Hagaf22  +   2760d ago
whose crying? im just pointing out your stubborn and weak attempt at calling yourself a gamer. how are you going to come on a site for gamers and claim to be a gamer when you cant do prestige mode, youre weak, its people like you that should stick to halo 3 and let the true gamers have cod.

so you thinking rank doesnt matter excuses you from having skills? if the rank doesnt matter why are you wimping out and staying lvl 55? if you had a ps3 i would own you over and over again as a freaking lvl 1, youre the weakest attempt at a gamer ive seen in a while..
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BloodySinner  +   2760d ago
Still crying some more?

It's not wimping out. It's called not wasting my time. And if I had a PS3, why would I be playing an FPS with a Sixaxis?

Anyway, don't bother replying to this. You're on my ignore list. :-P
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Hagaf22  +   2760d ago
hahahaha...this noob thinks i use six axis to play cod, not every game relies on 6axis, its just alittle extra something we have if devs want it... i guess in your case ignorance is bliss.
TheSadTruth  +   2760d ago
I've been converted. When Bungie shlt on all of us by not releasing a custom games browser and making the worst multiplayer maps I've ever seen a video game I just stopped playing completely. Wish I could get a refund...
ps3 is my champion  +   2760d ago
I smell a Cod4 nubcake.
Kleptic  +   2759d ago
one thing I notice is a lot of 360 onwers will not go through prestige mode...and I have yet to see anyone on the PS3 stay at 55...my cousin has it on the 360, he and all of his friends just parked it at 55 because "they didn't want to lose there guns"...

why is that?...I have had guys at level 2, but in the 6th round through prestige...win free for alls with a USP only...the weapon balancing is so close in CoD 4 that the best players can easily kill you over and over with every gun in the game...I have to admit my first time through prestige I very much missed my G36C, but I became a much better player after bouncing around between an M4, RPD, and MP5 over and over...

I am just curious as to why so many "refuse" to do it...thats all...
GIJeff  +   2760d ago
NO reason not to switch
COD4 is a better game, why wouldnt you switch. (i play on PC).
name  +   2760d ago
I've been meaning to pick up COD4 on my PC, but all my friends have it for PS3 so I just play it on there. Is it really worth buying another version of it? I like using the sixaxis to play btw, so keyboard and mouse isn't a selling point for me.
GIJeff  +   2760d ago
sure the console versions are fine. I have PC UT3 but im considering getting it for PS3.
jackdoe  +   2760d ago
Many server issues with the PS3 version. Demonware(the people in control of the servers) sucks balls. Check the Infinity Ward forums for more info on specific issues. Not to mention that the console versions of the game have been yet to be patched, ver.1.4 was released on the PC a month ago with a free map and the console patch is yet to be seen.
Kleptic  +   2759d ago
dude yeah, GIjeff are the PC servers for UT3 still more or less empty?...the PS3 version is growing quickly online...but it still seems like everyone just plays deathmatch still (60 + dm servers to like 10 warfare?)...its great on the PS3 though...friend at work has it on PC, and the PS3 version seems so close you couldn't really tell...you notice it being a little slower at first, but you don't notice after a few games...and there is already a "pc speed" mutator, plus a few that make it much faster...so if you like it faster, just set up your own server to have it included...
Xanatos  +   2759d ago
Yes most people on UT3 on the PS3 play DM games because when u play Warfare on the PS3 you are playing the same maps that were designed to be played with 32 people on the PC and they just feel desolate and it ends up being too boring, plus the fact that you cant really work as a team since the mic functionality is screwed up, so thats why most people stay with DM/CTF.
v1c1ous  +   2760d ago
he could have saved everyone 3 mins of reading and just said
"Lol buy ps3 for cod4, even though its also on 360, and because i can only think of 2 360 games i like, and my opinion>all"

anyways, my anti-halo 3 is gears of war. sure it's only 4 vs 4, but GoW is more strategic, exhilirating, and defined than halo 3.

in gears, you actually feel like part of a team, and work together.

in halo 3, everyone is a lone wolf doing their own thing. and you only start working together as a team when your 5 points from losing.


oh this is hilarious. this is the same guy that said that 360 will win due to its controller, which he says makes COD4 better to play on 360 than ps3.

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games4fun  +   2760d ago
gears is the only game i have played on the 360 that i consider i would buy it pained me after playing it for 6 months when it first came out that it was the only game i planned on keeping for the 360 (so i ditched the 360 and bought a ps3) it is the only game where my heart was pounding during a match online because you dont really know where your enemy is all the time no radar(unrealistic why do they have radar in other shooters?) just skill its pretty sweet (aside from host advantage) my combo was a pistol and a shotgun/sniper this was the only game i played where 4vs4 is an acceptable level of players because its so strategic

also i think that the gas in the new maps put me off on playing them
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Kleptic  +   2759d ago
uh...a UAC is a real device used by the US and Brittish forces...and that is what CoD 4 uses...you only get it for 30 seconds anyway, but it pings back enemy locations except those equipped with jammers...GRAW 2 uses a similar device also, which also has a camera mounted...not sure if anything like that is used yet, but that game is set in the near future...it definitey could be around soon...

and its perfect in CoD 4 because its so realistic...it only gives static locations...you don't see dots moving around constantly (although some GPS linked UAC devices can do that)...but even having an activated UAV in CoD 4 isn't a gigantic advantage...

just pointing out that radar in games can be realistic...
jack who  +   2760d ago
Xbox 360 Top Live Titles ( based on UU’s)
1 Halo 3
2 Call of Duty 4
3 Gears of War
4 Guitar Hero III
IHATEGOD  +   2760d ago
@ jack who
where did you get your list? cause the list I seen went like this.
1. Call of Duty 4
2. Guitar Hero 3
3. Halo 3
4. Mass Effect
DemiseofPandas  +   2760d ago
I know of at least 4 Halo converts personally, so this seems to mesh with my experience.
joemomma  +   2760d ago
Ive openly heard halo 3 fans say
that COD 4 is much better then halo so yes.
DARK WITNESS  +   2760d ago
i am a halo convert....
why, well quite simply i feel that bungie took a lot of the fun side of halo of it by trying to balance it too much.

if halo CE was online that is what i would be playing.

i personally didn't like halo 2 as much as halo ce, but i really thought there was no way bungie could make halo 3 worse. i mean they had a winning formula plus all the feed back from us, yet some how they did.

whats even funnier is i found the halo3 beta more competitive then the final versions. it was only little changes here and there, but they made a big difference; like taking the trip mines out or removing the spike nades on snow bound.

in halo ce i felt it was more about the gun fights themselves and using your a beatdown was something you did to punish your victim and show how dumb they were for not watching there backs.

in halo 3 they changed all that to the guns feeling like they are secondary and its more about getting the combo of shoot meele, nade shoot etc. they even say it in one of the vid docs.

thats how halo 3 died for me, cod4 was more of a return to the its all about the gun fights. stabbing is a last min thing you do when someone jumps you or you get the drop on them.

i am or was a huge halo fan, but bungie let me down with it. i have no problem with the graphics or anything like that, but the game just does not play the same and the maps just do feel boring after a short time.
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jackdoe  +   2760d ago
I agree. I've played many matches where 10 out of my 15 kills were melee kills.
rodellison  +   2759d ago
Not quite a complete convert yet, but....
I am becoming more of one each day I think. I like both games, but to the point of this article, I definitely feel an increasing tug from COD4 that makes me WANT to play that game more... I have felt lately, that halo 3's game play does seem to lend itself to more of the nade/shoot/melee combo as the means to win, and I question if I like that anymore. COD4 on the other hand, shows me who has killed me (via after kill replay), and its ranking system just feels more rewarding. Not to say its easier, but I like the fact that you can progress faster and open up challenges that make it 'feel' more rewarding to progress through. The graphics COD4 uses also feels next gen, whereas I do see the comparison of H3 graphics as only being a tad better than H2..COD4 DOES need to address it's party/lobby logic, so moving between games is smoother and transitioning between party leaders is more smooth, but I suspect they know that and its coming...
jaja1434  +   2760d ago
Why convert? Both games are different enough that there should be no reason that you would have to "convert." Just play both, if you have a 360 that is.
znu  +   2760d ago
Me being a PS3 owner, this is what i have to say
Halo 3 is a truely amazing game no doubt, although i my be one of the worst all time players.

COD4 in my opinion stacks up with halo, it gives a somehwat better online experience but thats my opinion. the only thing it lacks is co-op online which was in cod3(360 version) and found in halo 3. The game modes in Cod4, is where it really shines.

The nex-gen seems to lack long single player campaigns but makes up for it in multiplayer and that is what cod4 and halo 3 have in common.( Ratchet and Clank, one of my favourite games suffers from lack of co-op and online, games need online to ensure replayability,but ratchet offers lot of replayability in challenge mode, skill points etc.) My main point, is u need a balance of single player and online, give a 30 hour action packed story followed by a sick online experience, u got gold

When i go to make friend who has a 360's house, we play halo, and when he comes to my house, we cant play cod because we have to hand over controllers cause of no co-op. But we do play warhawk alot :)

Anyways to conclude, dont be a fanboy, both halo 3 and cod 4 own, 360 and ps3 both own too, although my ps3 is busted with yellow light followed by red flashing lights(i got one of the bad systems, its like 1 in a million) but am geting repaired by sony(still have warrenty) and am eagerly waiting for cod4 back!!!!
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Imallvol7  +   2760d ago
I bought a 360 FOR Halo 3. . .
and I have already converted to Call of Duty 4. I have actually played the single player over and over and haven't even got to multiplayer yet. Playing through Halo 3 (or any of the Halo single player campaigns) was boring and seemed like a job. COD4 has tons of variety and amazing game play elements. Gillie suit mission for the win!
khellendros1  +   2760d ago
I know 2 guys at work that's moved to COD4 from Halo 3. I keep planning on getting it but right now I have my hands full with UT3. I know I'm going to catch a lot of abuse for saying that.
znu  +   2760d ago
i dont c why ppl should dis u for liking one game over another, i actually have the same situation excet vice versa, i wanna get ut3 but had my hands full with cod4 (probably gonna get ut3 when my ps3 gets fixed from "yellow lights and then red flashign lights") In the mean time im playing Counter Strike:Source
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smokeymicpot  +   2760d ago
A couple of my friends who had played halo 3 only. I had told them halo sucks compared to call of duty and they told me they haven't been on halo since they gotten call of duty
FirstknighT  +   2760d ago
Well I'm one of the biggest Halo fanatics around and I will say COD4 is alot of fun and gets alot of playing time from me but it's definitely not going to stop me from playing in my opinion the greatest multiplayer experience in Halo 3.

COD4 is pretty simple to get kills. Especially with certain perks. Headshots are not needed. A simple spray would do the trick. Alot of campers in COD4. But still alot of fun. But their is no game out their that has such intense 4v4 competitive action like Halo 3.
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BloodySinner  +   2760d ago
"Alot of campers in COD4." - It's even worse in Halo. Especially in a ranked Lone Wolves game. After all, all you need to do is crouch and you're off the radar. :-/
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FirstknighT  +   2760d ago
But atleast you have shields to give you a chance to either fight back or find cover. In COD4 you will die in a second. Extrememly easy to get kills in COD4. Not so easy in Halo 3.
Amnesiac  +   2759d ago
LOL@campers in cod4
of course people camp you moron...you said it yourself, it only takes a simple spray to get a kill.

its a WAR game not a run n gun like Gaylo 3 and of course people are going to camp....lololz
Xbox is the BEST  +   2760d ago
then why does Halo 3 always have 300k players minimum while COD4 has 60K minimum whenever I log on?
znu  +   2760d ago
No idea, must be a bug(i kid)
PirateThom  +   2760d ago
More hyped game = more sales = more people

Halo is also a lot easier to get into than COD4, which may keep the more casual gamers playing it.
WilliamRLBaker  +   2760d ago
thats funny a gamestop employee knows any thing ? lol
Partisan  +   2760d ago
My opinion
Socom franchisse and COd4 is one of the best Multiplayer PERIOD . Reason why i don't play halo/2/3 is that to much annoying kid playing that game like my 8 years old brother. But right now the 360 is on the repair shop
Shankle  +   2760d ago
Uurgh I could never play socom. Everyone around me seemed to have perfected their skills to superhuman levels. I'm great at all other shooters (usually score in top 3 in most online games) but I got my arse handed to me every time in socom so I gave up on it.
MikeE21286  +   2760d ago
The title speaks the truth!
I played Halo w/ my buds every night from when it came out until CoD4 came out....and now I've only played Halo 3 once since CoD4 came out. CoD4 just destroys it in MP. Period. That's why people are transitioning.
GastoncklovesMP  +   2760d ago
Dude u sound weak to me Hagaf22
You sound like a high school kid who think hes a punk and ever1 else is not but replace punk with gamer.'no im a gamer i play a mode cause it is there. YOUR NOT A GAMER YOU JUST PLAY FOR FUN'. Do you see my point.

Jrome  +   2760d ago
CoD4 = more skill because it's kill or be killed = better players = less 12 year olds

Halo 3 = shield = 10 hours to kill somebody you basically have to unload your WHOLE ARSENAL to get a kill...It basically turns into a 3-D fighter to see who can pull off the best combo first (B R B etc. you halo players will kno what i mean) = more 12 year olds = cod4 is better.
GastoncklovesMP  +   2760d ago
Well I kill people fast on halo but its mostly through teamwork. I have run into alot of 12 or 13 year old in the last 2 days on COD4 but i still find little kids the worst on gears of war anyone agree.
FirstknighT  +   2760d ago
How does it take skill in COD4 when all it takes is a half a second spray to kill somebody. It really just comes down to luck. If your running in one direction than you'll easily get killed from another.

And if it takes you a whole arsenal to kill somebody in Halo 3 than obviously you suck. HAHA
jackdoe  +   2760d ago
Actually, I'm much better at CoD 4 than in Halo 3. Must be the fact that not everybody could take incredible amounts of damage, jump incredible heights, or pull out a plasma sword for an insta kill from two feet away.
GITPWNED  +   2760d ago
F*ck yeah. Jrome is 100% right on the money. No question about it.
DJ  +   2760d ago
Uh oh, Firstknight just painted himself as a noob!
Hey, I'm a huge Halo 2 fan, but Call of Duty 4 won in the multiplayer arena for 2007. Anyone who says "It's just a sprayfest with no skill involved" is really just portraying themselves as an idiot.

Halo's fun, but Call of Duty really does surpass Bungie's offering.
GastoncklovesMP  +   2760d ago
I Cant Decide
I played COD4 for 1 month and now I play halo for about 3/4 of the time and COD4 1/4 of the time .Of corse i throw a few outher games in there.
thedude17655  +   2760d ago
i highly doubt that the gamespot guy looked like a guitarist from dragonforce.
GITPWNED  +   2760d ago
I'm as hardcore as they get, and I've played nothing but COD4. Halo is dead to me. Same with every single person I know. Just take one look at your Live list. The only few people still playing Halo are the n00bs. The whole list is COD4. It's shocking how hard Infinity Ward owned Bungie at their own game.
GastoncklovesMP  +   2760d ago
I dont think they own anybody.
I LOVE both games I play COD4 so much when it first came out. Just like when halo 3 first came out . Im not playing COD4 as much as I was sense day 1 but i still play a bit. I play both. They are both great games but to call people who still play it noobs is just rude mabye they dont have the money or they just for some reason dont like it (i dono why) but to call them noobs i would not go that far.GodBless
ambientFLIER  +   2760d ago
If COD is owning Halo, then how come it has 1/5th the players on the net? Oh yeah, sounds like owning...

I have both, and I play Halo more simply because it's too easy to get kills in COD, where a couple of lucky shots is all it takes. In Halo you actually have to work for the kill and not camp for the whole game, in a lying position, with a sniper pointed down the street. Halo's shields actually give you a chance to defend yourself, and the melee/grenades just work MUCH better and more fun.
Amnesiac  +   2759d ago
how are you supposed to defend yourself in Halo when your xbox is broken?

your mom > cod4 > halo2 > halo3 > you
DJ  +   2760d ago
COD's a much better game. =]
ScottEFresh  +   2760d ago
CoD4 owns that overrated, overhyped piece of garbagio.
P4KY B  +   2760d ago
COD 4 has a much smoother frame rate than Halo 3
Its easier on the eyes.

I also prefer they way that the weapons in COD4 seem more lethal.
When you shoot someone you feel like your doing real damage.
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