Is Call of Duty 4 converting all the Halo 3 die-hards?

Gamer.Blorge, January 12, 2008, by Triston McIntyre:

McIntyre recently visited his local GameStop retailer, and spoke briefly with a sales manager there who responded to his comment about taking a break from Halo 3 by saying, "Yeah, it seems that more and more Halo 3 die-hards are taking permanent breaks in favor of Call of Duty." Why could one of the most popular first person shooter series in history be losing its strongest fans to a game of a completely different vein?

Though McIntyre has no evidence of this, here are a few thoughts as to why Halo 3 would be losing gamers to the uber-popular Call of Duty 4

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toughNAME3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

It's a solid game...but the party system stops me from becoming a COD4 die hard

For me, COD4 online play isn't even in the same league as Halo 3

...and why is this person making such an effort to convert people to PS3?

Sayai jin3988d ago

Agreed. I like COD 4 multi player and Halo 3 multi player. I prefer Halo 3 over COD's multi though. I do not see many people converting over to COD, however I do see people going to to play Gears of War.

Hagaf223989d ago

he was sooooo close to the truth when he said "..and let’s be honest…there isn’t much more to the 360 than Halo 3 and Mass Effect at this point in time" if he would have just added the game of the year bioshock in there he would have nailed it... ill stick it out with ps3, seems like things are brighter here on the dark side

jackdoe3989d ago

Er, I highly doubt a Gamestop sales manager would know the trends of online gaming. Anyway, CoD4 running like sh!t for anyone on the PS3 or 360? I'm getting a hell of a lot of connection interrupted and it is pissing me off.

The_Dragon3989d ago

The console versions of Call of Duty 4 suck right now but it make you wonder why. How come all of the sudden everything went to crap? That's why I stick to the PC version. No problems that I know of.

jackdoe3989d ago

I mean, I lose games that I get disconnected from, even when I'm in the lead!

Rocko3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

Its really f**king annoying. Infinity Ward needs to get there sh*t together.

hfaze3989d ago

I've noitced that CoD4 online goes to crap when there's a LOT of people online with it. On both the PS3 and 360.

Here's to hoping that the next patch comes soon and addresses a lot of these issues. Electing a new host when the host cancels will be a big one... =)

JsonHenry3989d ago

The PC verion FTW!!

Leaning around corners makes a big difference in gameplay compared to the console versions. : )

AzaziL3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

damn I was getting into this game, damn you christmas and all the newbs that came on at once and wrecked the servers!!

Sucks that it still isn't fixed, I'm really starting to miss it.

Panthers3988d ago

lean and peak should have been in the console version. its not like they didnt have enough buttons

Kleptic3988d ago

the PS3 recently got a patch, with a new game mode, and some server changes...I am sure XBL probably got the same thing...but since the patch I have had very little trouble connecting and having no lag again...a far different story from the 1st week of the new year...

but I absolutely hate the 20 kill free for all change...30 was perfect...I loved coming into the first game when someone already had 65 points, and still knowing you have plenty of time to catch him...the game time is still set at 10 minutes...yet with some luck on finding people, I have seen these things end in just 3 minutes...really annoying...30 kills made it were a lucky streak of kills didn't put you into the had to remain completely you see some chump run up to like 18 kills with a helicopter streak, mostly because there are so many new people that don't know to take cover when they hear that thing coming in...

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name3989d ago

NOTHING can convert Halo 3 die hards. They'd rather die than play something else.

BloodySinner3989d ago

Says the PS3 fanboy who has never touched an Xbox 360.

I've been playing COD4 since it's debut. The one major reason for that is because I completed Halo 3 and have all the achievement points for it (Haha! What would you know about that? Like I said earlier, you never touched the console). I completed COD4 as well, have all achievements for it as well and I'm at Level 55 (I refuse to go through prestige mode!).

The game is really kick-ass. I even bought a copy for my friend for Christmas over Halo 3. Since I figured he'd enjoy that more.

Hagaf223989d ago

so basically all you said right there was "im an achievement [email protected] and cant play prestige mode because my skills involve me having a 50 cal and p90." grow up, not every one needs 360 to know what they are talking about , you just keep praising the 360 as gold and let others be...

Hagaf223989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

whose crying? im just pointing out your stubborn and weak attempt at calling yourself a gamer. how are you going to come on a site for gamers and claim to be a gamer when you cant do prestige mode, youre weak, its people like you that should stick to halo 3 and let the true gamers have cod.

so you thinking rank doesnt matter excuses you from having skills? if the rank doesnt matter why are you wimping out and staying lvl 55? if you had a ps3 i would own you over and over again as a freaking lvl 1, youre the weakest attempt at a gamer ive seen in a while..

BloodySinner3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

Still crying some more?

It's not wimping out. It's called not wasting my time. And if I had a PS3, why would I be playing an FPS with a Sixaxis?

Anyway, don't bother replying to this. You're on my ignore list. :-P

Hagaf223989d ago

hahahaha...this noob thinks i use six axis to play cod, not every game relies on 6axis, its just alittle extra something we have if devs want it... i guess in your case ignorance is bliss.

TheSadTruth3989d ago

I've been converted. When Bungie shlt on all of us by not releasing a custom games browser and making the worst multiplayer maps I've ever seen a video game I just stopped playing completely. Wish I could get a refund...

Kleptic3988d ago

one thing I notice is a lot of 360 onwers will not go through prestige mode...and I have yet to see anyone on the PS3 stay at cousin has it on the 360, he and all of his friends just parked it at 55 because "they didn't want to lose there guns"...

why is that?...I have had guys at level 2, but in the 6th round through free for alls with a USP only...the weapon balancing is so close in CoD 4 that the best players can easily kill you over and over with every gun in the game...I have to admit my first time through prestige I very much missed my G36C, but I became a much better player after bouncing around between an M4, RPD, and MP5 over and over...

I am just curious as to why so many "refuse" to do it...thats all...

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GIJeff3989d ago

COD4 is a better game, why wouldnt you switch. (i play on PC).