Why we’re dropping the ball on mobile game coverage

VG247: Nathan Grayson pulls no punches in his attack on the core gaming press, issuing a rallying cry to promote and support one of the most important sectors of our rapidly transitioning industry.

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AtomicGerbil2114d ago

This guy sounds like he's nursing a semi for the iOS.

DJLB21152114d ago

The guy has a point. All the iOS hate needs to stop. I have alot of good games and on my 2 iphones and my ipad 2. Plus if Apple ever gets Onlive on those devices, that would make them an even bigger threat in the gaming industry. But they are too greedy to see that right now lol

xAlmostPro2114d ago

Can you answer me something.. because your comment is a prime example with what i find wrong. Well at least.

Mobile gamers(iOS ones more so) seem to just 'boast' they boast about the games and the device, which imo isn't being a gamer at all.

Your comment for example you did not need to mention having TWO iphones and an ipad 2, yet you felt it had to be said. Majority of those 'for' iOS gaming all do the same. It's like its only said to show off, the same for when angry birds was only on iphone, temple run, instagram.

To me mobile games(no matter which device) are nothing more than what flash games used to be when the increase of home pc's began. Just a quick thing to press when you have half an hour maximum to kill.

shammgod2114d ago

Great point AlmostPro. Mobile games are about convenience and not gaming. Sitting in traffic, an airport, on the toilet. You won't see anybody walk into best buy or GameStop looking to purchase a gaming setup to play the latest Madden or Call of Duty and come out with an iPad.

Jdoki2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

Mobile (phone / tablet) gaming is coming of age - maybe it's not quite there, but it is close, and the way is being lead by iOS games.

I'm really looking forward to Republique. Worth checking out on Kickstarter (and contributing :) )

Also, Infinity Blade Dungeons looks very promising

I've also enjoyed the ports of stuff like The Bards Tale and Chrono Trigger; and new titles such as Ghost Trick. There are a couple of decent exclusive RPG's but nothing mind blowing yet (Chaos Rings is OK).

iOS is a great platform for RPG's and digital board games. Ticket to Ride; Small World, Defense of the Oasis, Catan and Carcassone are awesome. The card game Assassins Creed Recollection, is one of the best games I have played in a long time. Touch controls are also good for turn based games (I'd very much like to see Disgaea on tablets).

There are more games I could mentioned, such as Sonic All-Stars Racing, Beat Trip Bandit, and others; and how many games have decent multiplayer functionality but I'm sure you get my point!

The only area that (so far) phone and tablet gaming has fallen down on is FPS, TPS and Fighting Games.

None of the above are 'flash' games. Sure there are plenty of those types of game, but there's nothing wrong with that if the platform also caters to your interests. I really like those games when I have 30mins to kill.

Also, it won't be long (in my opinion) before Blizzard and more AAA studios start really pushing mobile platforms. Bungie have already made small steps with their Aerospace publishing project.

xAlmostPro2114d ago


I agree with most of what you said to be honest. Mostly because you pretty much added evidence near the end to what i already said above.

However in my eyes currently there's nothing substantial gaming wise, even when these great 'games' do turn up it will be hard to accept them without full controls. They're so limited even if they do evolve.

Even then it will be a pretty niche market because they'll lose the casual element which is what they feed on.

But yeah i wouldn't state websites are dropping the ball, because 1) there's plenty coverage and 2) what there is, isn't worth much time in the real gaming world.

Baka-akaB2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

Ignoring ? Does he live in a cave or something ? We can't spend a day in peace without an article about how mobile games will overthrow and replace console gaming .

I'll only agree that the press is dropping the ball on them , but for another matter .

Instead of praising a game on its own merits or cursing it for its flaws , they enter some lalaland where its ok to accept and expect less .

A lot of article got an "hey it's a pretty ok game FOR an IOS title" . And it's annoying for multiple reasons . Either it's good or its not . The controls shortcomings of the device arent our problems .

As an example , it's not my problem if the pad doesnt have buttons wich cause response and feel issue with your ios fighting game crappy port . It's up to the dev to deal with it , as no one forced them to release an ios fighting game to begin with .

If the press and publishers were behaving the same way with handheld console games , we would be only spoonfed crap and games inferior to their home consoles counterpart

DarthJay2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

If your intention is to cater towards the core gamer, why would you care about mobile games? Mobile games are time wasters to me (read: not saying in general, TO ME); something I can do when I am setting at the RMV or a doctors office or to kill time at work. So if I don't care about mobile games, why would I talk about them?

The bottom line: I don't care how good a mobile game is. When I have a 42 inch TV or a four inch iPhone to choose from, the TV wins every time. If iOS developers want to back themselves in a corner by getting into a niche market where the games that truly succeed are "the next Angry Birds," it's not my responsibility to bail them out. I am sure there are plenty of amazing iOS games on the market... but if it's not my thing, it's not my thing.

majiebeast2114d ago

Because mobile games are a casual plague and has nothing to do with real gaming.

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