Dead Space 3 Details; Co-Op, Weapons, Isaac Clarke, New Enemies

New Dead Space 3 details emerge, showcasing co-op, weapons, new enemies and new gameplay mechanics of Isaac Clarke.

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Daver2230d ago

From those rumors it sounds more like Lost planet than Dead Space. We will have to wait and see at E3 probably.

wallis2230d ago

Yeah that's what I thought. Rolling around on an icy planet being chased by mercenaries and giant spiders sounds a hell of a lot more Lost Planet than dead space.

Also wouldn't dead space be a bit pointless if it wasn't in... space.

Anyway I just hope these rumours aren't true. Co-op in a horror game? Set on an icy planet? Giant mercs? Rolling around to avoid attacks? Plasma-cutter without the usual alternate fire? This sounds fucking terrible. I've had enough of crappy third person shoot em ups like Red Faction Armageddon so why would I want to play another one?

SneeringImperialist2230d ago

You can count on it being a terrible third person shoot em up if EA has anything to do with it.

floetry1012230d ago

If most of this is true, then consider me disappointed.

Co-op seems to be tacked onto a heap of big EA titles nowadays. Hopefully it doesn't impact on the single player campaign in any way.

The dodge roll I don't have a massive problem with, but crouching? Both in tandem seem to suggest some sort of cover mechanic, which by and large, moves it right away from the survival horror genre.

Human enemies don't bring me any confidence either. It's like when human enemies were added to Silent Hill: Homecoming. It completely breaks the mythology of the game. I mean, why play a horror title if I have to fight the same soldiers that flood 90% of the gaming market?

EA, if you're reading this, please tell me that its just a rumour.

Cajun Chicken2230d ago

But what happened if it was methods such as using the necromorphs as a tool against the marines? Kind of luring them out to save your own skin and attack the bad guys shooting at you and getting the heck out of there. That could be like Covenant VS Flood battles!

wallis2230d ago

That would be an action game and not a horror game. Dead space is a horror game.

What you said is like arguing that because cheese is awesome Pepsi should start making their own brand. There are already other people making action games but Dead Space is here to be scary. I know explosions are SUPER cool for those who can't eat cereal in the morning without nearly drowning but for the rest of us who actually want our scary games to be scary I sincerely hope this is all either rumours or that whoever is behind it gets their bowels ripped out by a severely mishandled temperature check.

Cajun Chicken2230d ago

I disagree. Having things as keeping hidden, shooting hatches and operating machinery/gas valves to trap the human enemies and flush out Necromorphs into the open would be really cool and wouldn't at all change the survival horror aspect of it, in fact, it would actually broaden the amount of survival within the gameplay.

TekoIie2230d ago

I dont like the dodge idea. It takes away the fear of having an enemy charging towards you! I personally hope for most of this to not be true...

Ricksta_132230d ago

Yep i wanna see Crazy Ass scary looking beasts, that wanna chop me up into little pieces. Not humans that just want to shoot me :-|

AusRogo2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

Cant wait! There are a few things I dont like but hell, love me some Dead Space! And no revive system in co op? Oh man this would be intense! And going by this, the other character wont be in as an IA while solo, and only appears when in co op, so im glad its not like re5 where you had Sheva with you even in solo. Honestly cant fucking wait!

Sevir2230d ago

John Harper was your buddy when you play co-op in R3 but was nowhere to be found in solo campaign

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