Sin and Punishment Star Successor $4.99 (only for today)

Gamers can pick up a bargain with this game for just $4.99 for today only.

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SeraphimBlade2079d ago

Pickin' that up! Great deal considering it's still full price.

bangoskank2079d ago

Nice! Thanks, man! I've been meaning to pick this up for a while. Now would be a good time

brettyd2079d ago

Bought, I'll buy almost anything for 5 bucks.

KillerPwned2079d ago

This is a great game a lot of people will not notice. $5 is an amazing steal for any game especially this one! Bought it right away!

darthv722079d ago

i am able to play the original. And thanks to Best buy...I will play the "successor" for only $5.

Sweet deal.