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Dealspwn: "In fact, it would be easy to take much of Prototype 2 as a big, dumb parody, of big, dumb, action games. But it's not clever enough for that, and it never really tries to be. It never particularly strives to be anything more than the sum of its parts, except when trying to hammer home the idea that Heller is somehow more of a character than Mercer was. This is done in awfully clunky fashion by referring back to Heller's family, culminating in a truly cringeworthy moment when Heller spares someone's life because they have a daughter. Having slaughtered several thousand NPCs - most of them just for the fun of it - up to that point, it's hard not to laugh in disbelief.

As it is, Prototype 2 improves on its predecessor where it counts, even if it does conjure up the same sense of listlessness and a lack of engagement beyond relatively pure catharsis by virtual violence. It's a far better entry point to the series than the first game, and will delight those who enjoyed Whipfisting helicopters out of the clouds the first time around."

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