Max Payne 3 Includes QTEs & Female Nudity

The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) has today revealed some further details for Rockstar Games’ forthcoming Max Payne 3, including many of the reasons behind their decision to award the videogame a ‘18’ certificate. Max Payne 3 is set for release on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC later this month, and will feature some notably mature themes.

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LOGICWINS2145d ago

“Discriminatory terms such as ‘spic’ and ‘nigger’ also occur from time to time, although the latter is used as a rap style form of greeting amongst friends.”

Hmmm...probably from the New York sections of the game. Very excited!

SnakeCQC2145d ago

i dont get people hate of qtes i think they are awesome look at GOW

calibann2145d ago

Imagine fighting a boss at the end of a level. You've naturally become accustomed to the controls and you've developed a play style that you're happy with. So you finally defeat the boss (or so you think) with that play style, and that in itself is satisfactory. Now there is a cutscene where that play style is thrown out of the window and you can now must kill the boss by pressing B, A, Y, Y in time with the indications on screen. That is not satisfactory in my opinion. I like to defeat enemies with the live action attacks.

SnakeCQC2145d ago

its a more cinematic approach and suits some games name one game where the whole boss fight has been completely qte?

calibann2144d ago

It's the QTE at the end of the boss fights that I don't like. I feel like the cut scene is fighting it for me.

mr_badhand2145d ago

I'll tell you why I hate them and this goes for Asura's Wrath and God of War. It distracts from the action on screen.

Kratos is having a wicked violent battle with some creature. Its using in game graphics for the cinematic so when he "X" or "O" appears, it catches me totally off guard because im enjoying the chaos.

I can't truly enjoy the brutality because im spamming X.

Same deal with Asura's Wrath, enjoying the action then all of a sudden PRESS "Y"!

BattleTorn2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

My two favorite things!! /s

I wish females had QTEs. /s

Ok. Ok. 'nuff jokes. The game is going to be awesome. No doubt.

Acquiescence2145d ago

that involves females and the removal of items of clothing in order to get them nekkid.

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The story is too old to be commented.