12 Great Star Wars Games You Need To Play

May 4th has come and gone, but I don’t need to be confined to a specific date to talk about Star Wars.

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NukaCola2171d ago

This is a solid list.

I would personally put Jedi Knight II: Outcast as #2 as it's my personal 2nd favorite Star Wars game. This is a great composite of the 12 best Star Wars titles out there.

If I can add one other though, Jedi Alliance on PS One was pretty darn good as well.

Xristo2171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

To me, the top 2 are without a doubt the best. KOTOR and Tie Fighter could both be #1 on this list as long as the other is #2. Like NukaCola said, overall, this is a solid list.