PC Gamers in for a Console Gamer Surprise Says EVE Dev

SPOnG: "PlayStation 3 FPS Dust 514 will connect players to subscribers of MMO EVE Online, in an integration that has never been done before. What are developers CCP looking forward to the most when seeing console and PC players get together? People getting whupped, says lead game designer Kristoffer 'Stoffer' Touborg."

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GamingPerson2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

Big Idea but very small game. This would be 10x more awsome if planetside 2(made by Sony) was part of EVE universe. 2000 players would be way more exciting.

Ravenor2260d ago

Ehhh, the PS3 isn't going to handle the player numbers + Map size + level of detail present in Planetside 2.

If Dust 514 plays okay and gives compelling reasons to want to continue playing, then that's more then enough on its own to pass as a persistent world FPS on a console.

Tony-Red-Grave2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

wait why yare you comparing PS2 to dust. They might have similar concepts but one is a console game the other PC.

*worth mentioning however that CCP said dust could evolve each generation

edit: one thing thats confused me however is why dust isn't on PC, that really confused me. I'm a hardcore console player but even i know one platform can't sustain a game like dust, see MAG as an example. If it was on PC then when the player count on PS3 diminish, and they will, the PC side will keep the number up, and effectively bring in more long term console players. The one thing that will attract the players though is deff the fact its FREE.

that aside i feel some socom fans will make the jump to this game after they hear about the amount of things that can be done in game.

Red_eyes_Gremlin2259d ago

I agree with you on:

"This would be 10x more awsome if planetside 2"

What ppl dont seem to understand is that PS2 will be HUGE, 1000 of players will meet on a HUGE battlefield fighting for areas, and bases that wont STAY caped during the game. In other words ANY ONE that want to cap the base can do it at ANY time during the match.
(1 BASE is as big as a NORMAL fps map (cod))

THAT is why agree with Gaming Person, Instead of having small skirmishes with 24vs24 or what ever the max ppl limit will be, IT would have been more EPIC and better for EVE players if they made DUST like PS2.

The servers (if i understand the dust devs right) can hold thousend of players in Dust (its the same servers the EVE players are on, and we ALL know how many that play EVE online).

Think about it for a second:

Instead of small skirmishes with 24x24 there is 1000vs1000 on a HUGE scale map fighing for bases and points that lead to more things helping out the corps in eve. Shure alot of ppl will play dust 514 no doubt about it, and i bet my last money on that it will be a great game.

But imo i think if they had looked at the game PS1 and PS2 (planetside 1 + 2) they would realize that THAT concept would have fitted EVE / Consoll players more.

Just saying

kevnb2259d ago

I would rather have 24 v 24. 1000 vs 1000 is retarded for an fps in a single battle. Thats like saying playing football on a huge field with 1000 players on each team would be awesome.

caboose322259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )


But it's not like there are going to be 1000 players just standing there in the middle of a field shooting at each other. The maps are dozens of square kilometers big, and with 3 different teams. It's going to be like 50-100 person battles happening all over the map.

papashango2259d ago

I'm pretty sure fps games don't try to mimic football.

Ravenor2259d ago

They could have wanted to do that, but it doesn't matter. THE HARDWARE ISN'T THERE ON THE PS3. Could we quit with the "Dust should be like PS2" it wont, it cant, MAG has framerate issues already ><

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WeskerChildReborned2259d ago

Man if only we we're already in next gen so we would be able to play Planetside 2 on the next gen playstation because it would be able to handle it but this gen PS3 won't be able to handle Planetside 2.

ATi_Elite2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

1. Planetside 2 is NEVER EVER to be compared to Dust 514!

Planetside 2 is a God amongst slime and DUST 514 is simply dust in comparison to Planetside 2.

Also the PS3 CAN NOT handle PS2. PS2 is simply a PC first title that utilizes the PC's Enthusiast features. 600 vs. 600 vs. 600 on a Battlefield at one time........END OF DEBATE!!

2. as far as the Dust 514 article.......Dust 514 is gonna FAIL so hard!!! It will be on PC very soon.... I say that cause I don't see consolers wanting to deal with the Tactics and Strategy of Dust. They just want to Pew pew which is cool cause I play Tribes or Blacklight just to Pew pew!

But when they find themselves being stabbed in the back by their PC corporations......instead of fighting back they will just quit and go play Call of Duty! Consolers don't like Strategy or tactics and if they did you would have more RTS games on consoles.

Eve Online is the poster child of PC Nerd Gaming. Eve is run by Gamers and it is simply a hard game to get into without putting in a lot of time.

3. I've been watching gameplay video of each game and leaving graphics out the equation (Planetside 2 kills Dust 514 in graphics and it's by a large margin) PS2 is just a better game in EVERY DAM way, Firefall is better than Dust 514!!

CCP is gonna regret not making Dust 514 a PC Game. Anyway I'll be busy playing Arma III, Planetside 2, and Firefall.

I hope Dust 514 makes it but i doubt it will especially with Killzone 4, Medal of Honor, and Black Ops 2 coming. CCP made a bad move on this one!!

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HarryMasonHerpderp2259d ago

Really looking forward to this game.

Tony-Red-Grave2259d ago

Taken from interview:

He thinks, ‘Haha! I will fuck you up, noobs!’

So he goes in with this big mini-gun, but one of the scouts peeks around the corner and calls in an airstrike from some dude up in a battleship. Just nukes the guy - who’s at this point really pissed. ‘Hax! How can you do this? I had all the best gear,’ he shouts, and the scout simply says, ‘I have some buddies up there.’

can't tell if someone got trolled or not

kevnb2259d ago

im just glad it isnt those xbox live kids lol.

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