Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Now Available

The last title in the current Xbox LIVE Arcade season known as ‘Arcade NEXT’, the highly anticipated Xbox 360 version of Minecraft is available now. Known as Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, this brand new release offers a number of new additions to the compelling Minecraft formula.

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vikingland12174d ago

Is this coming to PSN ? Just curious because MS hasn't been making many core games but in the last couple of months they have gotten this and the witcher 2. Is this their strategy? Get PC hits on their system?

Patriots_Pride2174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

Not coming to PSN or atleast for now.

Word has it that MS paid Notch a good amount of money to keep this exclusive so I would not expect a PSN release any time soon.

PC 360 exclsuive strategy that MS is using is smart move - MS knows that a large chunk of gamers are not willing to play games on a PC but want to play PC games.

Also I think MS knows something that we do not know, maybe PC gaming will take off again next gen or maybe PC's will become part of our living room and become more user friendly that even my 5 year old son can use it to play and purchase games.

Expect the next Xbox to be more like a PC than a console.

Halochampian2174d ago

I think that the biggest problem for PS3 and Minecraft is that it doesnt have shared RAM for CPU and GPU. Minecraft is a RAM intensive game for the CPU and looked how much they had to limit it in the 360 version.

Dusdg2174d ago

As far as we know it's an Xbox exclusive however they did not clarify if it is or is not timed exclusive.