Starhawk launch trailer arrives, get original Warhawk for free


Sony has announced that those redeeming their Starhawk Online Network pass will get the original Warhawk PSOne for FREE.

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Bleucrunch2205d ago

Never played the one for the PS3 so I guess its a cool deal...STARHAWK is gonna be MAGICAL I am getting it this weekend. Hit me up on PSN people.

shammgod2205d ago

I hope you have a lot of spare time this weekend. This game is addictive. Great game!

Bleucrunch2205d ago

OH I will be home all day saturday so I will find time trust me...see you in the cyber skyies

MoonConquistador2205d ago

I'm the other way round. Loved the PS 3 version, but never realised it had released on the original playstation. Was it any good on PS 1?

Crystallis2205d ago

Warhawk was very good. I remember being one of the first titles I played on the playstation.

spunnups2205d ago

I remember it being a very good PS1 game, although I also recall in the later stages, it becoming very verytough, not sure I ever beat it.

kma2k2205d ago

i played the first level of Starhawk last night, it reminds me alot of borderlands graphics art wise. The game is fun!