Sniper Elite V2 success hailed as good for UK games industry

TIGA has hailed the success of Rebellion’s Sniper Elite V2 as positive for the UK games industry.

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Zha1tan2261d ago

the game is quite poor, nothing on the first game except an X ray gimmick.

Psychonaughty2261d ago

I haven't played it but my bro said it was surprisingly good.

sprinterboy2261d ago

Love the way you can play the levels differently awesome playing with a friend, I love using the pistol to kill a enemy then putting a dynamite under the dead body then throwing a rock to alert a soldior who then goes upto the dead comrade and explodes great. Awesome game if played correctly. Gamers and reviewers have to remember its a sniper game not cod and it also reminds me alittle of hidden and dangerous