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Pocket Gamer's Peter Willington writes: "Wine and cheese get better with age, but - with a few exceptions - video games get worse. Super Mario Bros. is still good, and its significance in the medium's history will never change, but it's a slightly trying title to revisit, hampered as it is by an incredibly steep difficulty level and a few design choices that now seem cheap"

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greenmeanie2235d ago

I can beat this game in 15 minutes. Is that what the new generation is "difficult"? Give me a break! They are just used to games where you can save after every level, and whip right through it like you are invincible. I grew up with an NES, and we had to actually practice to be "good" at the games to beat them. We didn't have the internet to google cheats and glitches, we had to figure them out for ourselves through trial and error. I just can't make sense of the phrase "an incredibly steep difficulty level". Sure it can be tough at times, but seriously! I can beat the game in 15 minutes! Its not that difficult! Try some other NES games, then we can talk about difficult! Mario required skill. If you mastered the skill, it becomes like second nature.