Lollipop Chainsaw Image Girl Mayu Kawamoto Shows Off Her Zombie Bashing Karate Skills

If Lollipop Chainsaw main character Juliet Starling were cute and Japanese, she'd probably look just like image girl Mayu Kawamoto looks in this new promo video.

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j-blaze2140d ago

the video was silly until 0:41 that wink was sweeet ^^

ATi_Elite2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

No Jessica Nigry!! No erection!!!

This girl is cool but Jessica set the bar kinda high!!!

TekoIie2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

Totally agree!!!!!!

I just think someones looking to get in on the publicity Nigri got :3

ShiftyLookingCow2138d ago

Erection Height instead of Scoreboard
(Out of 10)

Mayu: 7"
Jessica: 11" and rising, I am going to die!

Its just like that Metroid ad in the States, Samsus couldn't possibly look so weak!

PS. She is a fine Japanese girl but Jessica is simply better for this character.

MidnytRain2138d ago

The bottom pic is a bit too raunchy for me, I love the Lollipop costumes, though.

ritsuka6662139d ago

This western girl sucks. =P

ACBAA2139d ago

these news made my week