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Images and details revealed for new Xbox 360 “Value Pack” bundle

The Japanese branch of Microsoft has revealed some details and images regarding their upcoming “Value Pack” system bundle for the Xbox 360 in Japan. (Fable 3, Gears of War 2, Halo: Reach, Monster Hunter Frontier Online, Xbox 360)

GraveLord  +   1182d ago
Just give up Microsoft.
Japan isn't buying what you're selling. You see over there they're smart.
kingnick  +   1182d ago
It has nothing to do with being "smart" as you're trying to imply.

Microsoft's poor performance is partly due to an initially unreliable console and lack of mainstream influential titles that resonate with the Japanese.

The advertising has also been terrible and could have had been handled much better considering the huge amount Microsoft has spent on advertising there.

Another common reason is the Japanese are more space conscience because of their living restrictions (apartments, small houses) and already have PS3's and Wii's so can't justify the extra space used and few extra features/games offered by the Xbox360.

The Xbox360 controller while much better than the original Xbox Duke ans S controllers isn't great for those with small hands.
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