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Submitted by GamePodunk 1370d ago | opinion piece

3 Important Videogame Plots That Went Absolutely Nowhere

Don't you hate it when an important plot thread seems to be building up in a game's story, only to be left dangling without ever being resolved? GP Editor Jared discusses three plot threads that went unresolved in the larger story of their respective games. (Culture, Half-Life: Opposing Force, Heavy Rain , PC, PS3, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, Xbox 360)

sinncross  +   1371d ago
The Uncharted example alone proves what a poorly written article this is... that scene in Uncharted 3 was not some major plot twist... it was pretty obvious to any one actually playing the game why Talbot says what he does... its shown to you in the next 5 - 10 minutes of the game.

Was there anyone really expecting the whole Cutter/ Drake scene to be important further along in the game? I seriously doubt it...
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Summons75  +   1370d ago
true but there was a lot they could have done with uncharted 3, like explaining why it is so important for him to beat Marlow to the city...they always kept asking him why he was doing this. They also could have put in more backstory of him and Sully and run ins with Marlow, or explain more about his parents instead of saying on line then dropping it completely. Don't forget about what happened to drake and Elena...why tip toe around the subject instead of mentioning some argument that changed her mind about being with drake. The biggest thing though was throughout the entire game was his motivation which was never made clear till it changed to must stop Marlow from getting the trapped demon or whatever in the City
gatormatt80  +   1370d ago
He's a treasure hunter dude. That's his motive
OmniSlashPT  +   1370d ago
He never really got a straight objective, that's why Chloe wanted him to quit the chase and Sully warned him about his ambitions. He just wanted to beat Marlowe. He beat it her, but he turned obsessive about it, putting both Sully and Cutter in danger.

In the first half of the game he just calls everyone to help him in his personal objective of beating Marlowe, but after the sinking ship scene, he just wants to save sully. He almost sacrifices himself to get to Sully. Then Sully tells him that Marlowe's plans are way more dangerous than they thought so they needed to stop her. And that's about it.

Btw, did you played through the chapters Drake was shown as a child? It pretty much explains Marlowe's/Drake's background and rivalry, as well as Sully partnership.

Drake married Elena but as usual they had a big fight and broke up for real. Elena kept the ring, Drake never forgot her bla bla bla it's not that hard to understand.
JBaby343  +   1370d ago
^^ Thanks for stating that. Well said. I would just add that Drake and Elena fought about his ongoing obsession with Francis Drake that he put before her and it eventually ended them. I get the feeling that most people like UC2 better because it just spilled everything out to you and was very straight-forward while Drake's Deception didn't tell you every little thing but let you infer some things and people must be having trouble with that.
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StraightPath  +   1370d ago
the explanations of the dart and hallicinations in UC3 are below. However the games story did a terrible job potraying the answers below. UC2 story was much better. UC3 story was forgettable. I still remember excellent moments in UC2, In UC3? nah.

" Spoilers for UC1/UC3.

This is for all those that are confused by our wonderful mind ****er villian named Talbot.

This was taken from Amy Henning, her twitter atleast. She being the one who wrote the story/directed it. Obviously this is what she had in mind for Marlowe and Talbot.
"Hey - I saw people are also confused about Talbot getting shot, and disappearing... maybe I can elaborate a little...

"Marlowe's crew is supposed to be a highly-trained clandestine organization, with roots stretching back to Elizabeth I and earlier. Sort of like CIA/MI6 secret intelligence service type ops... so the idea is they have lots of means to confound their enemies like a secret arm of the CIA or MI6 might, for example. Like Cutter says, manipulating their enemies through espionage, deception, fear.

This is based on real-life clandestine ops, and "the art of deception". Groups like the CIA really used magician's tricks as well as drugs, etc. to trick and frighten their enemies. So - you can assume there's a rational explanation behind these mysteries... e.g., a bulletproof vest, an escape rope/wire, whatever--which looks "magical" but has a rational explanation, just like a magician's trick.

Magic, tricks, deception, illusion, perception vs. reality - these are themes throughout the game. Abra-godd*mn-cadabra. :smileywink:""

Also, with what Drake and Cutter got shot with by the dart, that caused them to hallucinate, this is from my other post in another topic.

"What they shot Drake with, was the same thing they shot Cutter with, the liquid was possibly filled with Hallucinogens, it causes hallucinations, which Drake and Cutter were hallucinating after Talbot drugged the both of them with the dart, Talbot had body armor(kevlar) under his tuxedo, so when he got shot, it didn't impact his flesh, but the body armor "took the bullet." like when Sully got shot in UC1.

Hopefully this helps you all, the above paragraph should expain why talbot shrugged off the pain he had when he was shot by Cutter. Again, the last paragraph is my speculation which could be possible. I made this speculation when Amy said that the society uses drugs aswell, Hallucinogens are drugs that causes Hallucinations.
Nimblest-Assassin  +   1370d ago
Opposite for me.

While I remember a few great moments from Uncharted 2, I remember far more in 3... hell I hum some of the songs from U3... the only memorable music piece from 2 is reunion...

My opinion, if you don't care or disagree with it.. thats cool
JBaby343  +   1370d ago
I agree with you nimble-assassin. I thought UC3 was better than UC2. I don't actually remember much from UC2. I remember UC3 the most then UC then UC2. I actually got bored with Among Thieves near the end and was ready to finish it. Not so with the first and third games.
HebrewHammer  +   1370d ago
Didn't he just shoot Cutter with a tranquilizer of sorts that made the target overly paranoid. Talbot telling Cutter not to trust Drake was just him planting paranoia in his head so Drake's group could be hindered internally. That's all.
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Nimblest-Assassin  +   1370d ago
Huh.. this might sound like spam... but didn't you blow me off a sniper tower ladder in Starhawk on an Ox tank a couple minutes ago...

Also... your realitypalez from the tester right, your name seems familair

EDIT: Checked your page, you are realitypalez, great job in the tester
HebrewHammer  +   1369d ago
Yes and Yes! And thank you!
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Nimblest-Assassin  +   1370d ago
Bad title for this, should be PLOT POINTS that went no where.

The only one I can defend is the drugs in Uncharted 3, and Mad Jack since I never played Half Life: Opposing force, but rather Half life 2 and Episode 2

Uncharted 3: the drugs are used for short term effects, rather than long term. This is evident when Drake is shot in the chapter As above so Below, its not to plant seeds of doubt permanently, but rather to inject an idea for a short period of time. Cutter made Talbot think the drugs were still working. The drugs are actually not a problem...

The big plot points in Uncharted 3 all happened in that same chapter, even though I liked U3 more than U2... I want to know talbot surived getting shot from Cutter, and what was the relevance of the card Chloe found. Chapter 9 was probably the weakest in Uncharted 3, but the rest of the game was excellent

In Heavy Rain, the only reason Norman went to the dealer was for info on the car the Origami Killer used, he gets it if you beat Mad Jack in the fight, that was the only reason he went... you either arrest Mad Jack for killing the cop, or he gets killed in his second fight... no problems there.

Hell these aren't terrible plot points... *cough catylst ghost child, mass relays exploding, joker leaving you, no matter what happens the galaxy is screwed cough*
Oldman100  +   1370d ago
I didn't have any problems regarding plot holes, but I did notice a glaring continuity error:

-Cutter gets shot with dart by Talbot, Talbot takes away his personal pistol that exists nowhere else in the game.

-Drake, Cutter, and the rest of the gang do their business in the tomb.

-While trying to escape, they knock over the wall onto the agent.

-Cutter acquires the para 9 pistol from the fallen agent.

-During the next cutscene where Cutter shoots Talbot, he's using his personal pistol that Talbot took away from him beforehand instead of what should have been the para 9.
floetry101  +   1370d ago
There are a number of glaring holes in Uncharted 3's plot that many seem to gloss over, these included.

One that always bugged me was the zombified body in the mansion that Drake and Sully discover, it's never alluded to again and doesn't connect in any way to the story.
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Wintersun616  +   1370d ago
Such a small mistake, the guy has a wrong kind of pistol. I've played the game 5 times and never noticed that.


The body was some thug from Talbot's crew and a hint to the spiders and how fast their poison works. Though you wouldn't get it until you see the spiders and use some imagination. Good stories don't necessarily have to hold your hand all the way through and explain everything. That connection is very obvious IMO, how could anyone miss it?
sprinterboy  +   1370d ago
Agreed and mad jack may not have talked to the police or theh might not have had enough evidence, remember most people.are not a grass so that bit was explained too. By the way there is enough plot holes in movies too, sometimes its just best or you would get 4 hr films or games explaining stuff which may not add to the story or make the game/film boring.
goldwyncq  +   1370d ago
^^ Don't forget that this scene acted as a foreshadowing to what would eventually happen to Drake in chapter 11.
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wallis  +   1370d ago
To be fair Adrian Shephard is just one of a billion plot threads half life hasn't answered.
Y_5150  +   1370d ago
That Uncharted 3 plot wasn't that important, Cutter was always on Nathan Drakes side. So why would he trust the bad guys? But the real question is, who is Cutter and where did he come from? I wanna know who's Cutter and how does Elena know him!?
OmniSlashPT  +   1370d ago
Cutter was a Chloe's friend from London and helped them right in the beginning by being a double agent.
JakemanPS31994  +   1370d ago
I think he means before the game, like how did they meet so on and so forth
Y_5150  +   1370d ago
Ok I figured that out that he is a friend of Chloe's. But then again how does Elena know him?
RXL  +   1370d ago
stop being fanboys...

i wish they would've done more with the "don't trust Drake" bit..

they put emphasis on the scene and WANTED you to focus on it...

then...puh...just something used to mess with cutter...

great game regardless but that would've been sick to work a name play off the title "drakes deception"


*goes and plays the game again*
Hicken  +   1370d ago
People are fanboys because it's obvious what that little scene was for, and it was resolved not much later?

That's pretty silly.
RXL  +   1370d ago
no they're silly for not wanting to admit an obvious flaw in a game that had plenty of flaws...written and technical..

THAT seems pretty silly to me..

it doesn't take away from the game which was great and one of my fav's this gen....but it would've added a lot you can't deny...
OmniSlashPT  +   1370d ago
I never understood how people complain about UC3 campaign because of some little plotholes when there are game campaigns completely atrocious like BF3 or bland storytelling like Skyrim.
kanetheking  +   1370d ago
love skyrim got a %100 and the side story's are so much better then the main story it's unreal.
Nimblest-Assassin  +   1370d ago
its actually sad, but true the side quests are better than the main
smashcrashbash  +   1370d ago
Articles like this just show that people who play games really don't know the difference between good plots and bad ones and instead gripe about minor things or don't really understand at all. I just read someone going on about the plot twist in Infamous about how Kessler killed Trish instead of saving her when Kessler was never planning to go back and save Trish in the first place which shows how people are too busy looking for tiny holes instead of actually listening to anything the character says. I remember people going on about how did Drake got Elena back to the village. Who cares?
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trouble_bubble  +   1370d ago
Weak list, old games. Here's a better CONTEMPORARY list of plots that destroyed themselves.

1)Mass Effect 3
2)Mass Effect 3
3)Mass Effect 3

In a post ME3 world, UC3 'plot holes' are damn near rocket science.

No last second god child ghosts turning every prior baddie into a puppet, no twisted 'I kill you so you don't kill yourself' logic, no presumably dead squad mates walking off of space ships on other worlds they had no business being on, millions of people don't get stranded without food or transportation in the Atlantis of the Sands.

Heck, Heavy Rain had like half a dozen different UNIQUE endings, including ones where the bad guy won and suicides happened. Choices mattered there. Every plot in ME ends the same, victories and losses don't matter, only the colors change. If the best ending is turning everyone into some Borg hybrid that never gets explained or shown...well. UC3 and Hevy Rain didn't need 'free DLC' this summer to explain WTF just happened. Sorry Jared.
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kraze07  +   1370d ago
I was surprised not to see ME3 on the list myself.
Valenka  +   1370d ago
What an utterly ridiculous article.
BinCs  +   1370d ago
UC3's "plot" is a red herring...
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mamotte  +   1370d ago
This remembered me about the Guilty Gear series. So many years since GG XX and we still dont know who "that man" is, and... well, we know nothing about the story in general. And, at this rate, maybe we'll never know :(
MidnightSpecial  +   1370d ago
Sloppy writing, poorly though-out points, badly instigated.
Why is tripe like this approved by the community?
tigertron  +   1370d ago
The Mad Jack segment was there for the thrills...and it worked.

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