Guild Wars 2 redefines MMO genre [Upperpad Hands-on]

In short, Guild Wars 2 has convinced us from all points of view and the only flaws that we can bring you concern the optimization of the frame rate (processors do most of the work and the graphics cards are little used) and some situation of lag, probably due to saturation of the servers for beta. Apart from these technical problems, otherwise normal for a beta release, Guild Wars 2 seems to be able to redefine the benchmark of the genre, also in relation to the lack of monthly fee in the tradition of the series.

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Alexious2234d ago

A masterpiece, finally, in this genre full of clones.

DjPralla2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

There are too many clones of World of Warcraft, we need something really new. I hope in the revolution of mmorpg by Guild Wars 2