E3 2012: What to expect?

Well people, the E3 2012 is coming in less than 1 month.
Let’s warm up for it, with the announcements people want to expect, as well as announcements people don’t want to expect.

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Yangus2172d ago (Edited 2172d ago )

I hope DOOM 4 confirmed trailer/release date etc,and i want new info next-gen xbox.

Akuma-2172d ago

I expect a lot of playstation games announcements. I know there will be a lot of vita games demoed with a lot of ps3 games previews also

Kingdom Come2172d ago

Quake-Con is the event we've to wait for for that beast. It's been promised for the past two years but hopefully this year they'll deliver on the promise of a reveal...

NastyLeftHook02172d ago

i want a new timesplitters, a new turok, a new warriors game, the last guardian, agent, and the new god of war.

Nostalgia2172d ago

What I want:

Mafia 3 Announcement
The Last Of Us Gameplay
More info on Shinji Mikami's new project codenamed Zwei

TheModernKamikaze2172d ago

GTA V and Agent and Borderlands and Bioshock and...

TheModernKamikaze2172d ago

Nevermind Bioshock it's not showing at e3 saw the news.

GamerSciz2172d ago

From Sony:
Last of Us - gameplay (possible multiplayer/co-op details)
God of War: Ascension - SP gameplay
PSALBR - More gameplay and characters announced
New IP's, and new Vita games announced

From Microsoft:
Halo 4 - SP campaign gameplay/more MP details
Possible Next Xbox official announcement (coming fall 2013 maybe?)

From Nintendo:
Showcase the Wii U and what it can do
New IP's

Honestly, Microsoft doesn't seem to have too much up their sleeve other then an announcement of a new console and perhaps tech demos showcasing next-gen hardware. Nintendo is going to push the Wii U and try and show why us hardcore gamers want it. And Sony seems to have a lot up their sleeve and just a lot of anticipated games coming our way. We will see what happens but I am most excited to see Sonys showcase.

ronin4life2172d ago

They(Nintendo) will also be pushing the 3ds heavily. This has already been confirmed.

LoudHawk2172d ago

I expect the Next Xbox to be arriving at around early 2014, so I think they may show the first stuff at the end of this year.

Also, we never know if Microsoft is going to announce a few new IPs (doubt it, but it is possible).

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