No ‘Avengers’ Game? No Problem: Three Games featuring Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

You know, typically when an action movie makes close to a billion dollars in a week, there’s a crappy tie-in game to play and hate. This is a tradition old as time. Yet, despite making roughly 700 million dollars internationally, there isn’t an Avengers game to be found on the 360, PS3, Wii, or even IOS devices. Although things are looking up with Ubisoft recently registering , gamers looking to get their super-team on are sadly lacking in options. But hark not, just because there isn’t a shiny new Avengers game with a 60 dollar price tag and middling gameplay, doesn’t mean that options don’t exist for the super-soldier in all of us.

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Dlacy13g2264d ago

Actually kind of nice not seeing a "movie tie-in" game come out for a huge movie. No disappointments to be had for anyone who thought they were gonna get a cool game only to find out its utter crap.