Max Payne 3: Pure Gameplay Footage Emerged

Check out some pure gameplay footage of Max Payne 3.

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Adexus2081d ago

Nothing new in here, just a bunch of clips that Rockstar have released in their Vidocs.

HebrewHammer2079d ago

Agreed. All just cut together from previous videos Rockstar released.

GunsAndTheBeast2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )



Here's a better video, A playthrough of the game still on Part 4 of the gameplay. Im pretty sure it'll taken be down at anytime now.

Click related video below.

GunsAndTheBeast2079d ago

this is the Arcade Mode


PixL2079d ago

So typical for German sites to lie just to get clicks. Why are they so low?

Play2Win2079d ago

German Sites are the best

Bobby Kotex2079d ago

I really wish I can simply filter out non-english sites.

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-Mezzo-2080d ago

Same here, cannot wait for the 15th.

Join The N4G Rockstar Social Club Crew & get some games going once the 'Max Payne 3' is out on 15th.


CommonCent2080d ago

I think most people come on this site just to see new info on their favorite games which are actually from other sites. I would never support this POS of a site of join a crew when there are much better ones to support.

Alcohog2080d ago

They got rid of the noire comic storytelling stuff? Wtf?

Solid_Snake372080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

Because Sam Lake, the brains behind Max Payne's genius storytelling is not writing the story for MP3.

mynameisEvil2079d ago

Without him, I doubt we'll see that wonderful similes and metaphors again... :(

soundslike2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

"Sam Lake, the brains behind Max Payne's genius storytelling is not writing the story for MP3. "

And thats why I will not get this game. It may look and sound like Max Payne at times...but the soul just wont be there.

Max Payne 1 and 2 weren't just "gangster movies" come to videogames. They were SURREALIST. Psychedelic Noir. The surrealism was achieved through more than just excessive visual filters like they are trying to do with this game.

Max Payne was Noir meets Mullholland Drive...Max Payne 3 just looks like City of God with a drunken white guy. No soul.

btw: I watched the first 2 hours of the game.

makingdamage2079d ago

I like noir games. This doesnt look like a noir game. Its what Max Payne is all about. Did I say I like noir games? There´s too few of them and now its even less. Me sad.

DirtyLary2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

Cracks me up becuase most these kids were in diapers when the first Max Payne hit PC. They have no idea what they are talking about. All they see is RockStar and go giddy.

Alcohog2076d ago

I'm going to play it. Another thing is though is this more catered towards consoles now? Should I get it on console instead of PC? Feels kinda blasphemous but I may get it for PS3. At any rate, I'm playing it. When MP was first released I thought it was one of the greatest games ever, it had everything I wanted.

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Droid Control2080d ago

It doesn't feel like MP. It looks like a generic shooter. A good shooter, but not MP.

Therefore, I'm not interested.

J86blum2079d ago

I agree with this comment, I dunno if its going to have the trip out sequences like the first two did, but for its sake it should its part of what made it original, including the comic book noire story telling, it felt like a crime and mystery novel.

This new title has a action movie vibe, im NOT not interested in it.. just something is slightly pulling me back from pre-ordering it.

orange-skittle2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

Who cares? You wont be missed. So what if it isn't told like a book. This is actually told like a book, but played like a movie. Everything is seamless. In case you forgot, ALAN WAKE was done like a book and we see how that went. Damn cry babies

user54670072079d ago


It looks good but it's not Max Payne

I just hate how because it's a Rockstar game it's like you can't bad mouth it.

Just like GTA4 when some people knew straight away it didn't feel like a GTA they were called because of their opinion but then 8/10 months later people opened up and agreed it was a good game but it wasn't as good as past GTA games.

mafiahajeri2079d ago

And you came to this conclusion watching a few minutes of gameplay? LOL! Who are these people that opened up? Your friends list? I hate when people generalize and try to talk for everyone.

It looks good and it IS a Max Payne game weither you like it or not. The real problem hear Is gamers like you who jump to conclusions before even playing the game!! Your contradicting your self. Your saying people needed time to judge GTA correctly and you havent even had time with Max Payne!

user54670072079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

Few minutes of gameplay

Oh I'm sorry I didn't realise thats the only thing Rockstar has shown us since MP3 was announced.

People can judge things if theres enough to go on and with how much stuff they've shown us I can safely say I can.

Not one thing they've shown us makes me believe that I'm watching a MP sequel...a new IP sure but a MP game...nope.

As for GTA4, I was talking about the people who before it came out said it didn't look as good as past GTA games and then look what happened. See people can judge things by a number of clips, screenshots, dev videos.

"It looks good and it IS a Max Payne game weither you like it or not"

I could say the same thing which you've just said to me

And you came to this conclusion by watching a few minutes of gameplay? LOL!

mafiahajeri2079d ago

Aha ok nice rebuttle but let me ask you this. How much do think R* showed us of the game? 10%? 15%? For aruguments sake lets say 20%! Your going to judge a game on that? Im talking about SP btw.

"I could say the same thing which you've just said to me"

Umm no sorry you couldnt because it IS a Max Payne game(look at the title ;D) What I meant when I said that is Max Payne game is neither me or you can deny that it IS a Max Payne until we have played the WHOLE game. Comprande?

You see people like you talk crap about a game but cant state reasons to their claims. All I heard from you is "It doesnt feel like Max Payne game" Why? because its in sunny brazil? State reasons then people wont bad mouth you because as of now you just seem like a hater...

Hayabusa 1172079d ago

Sorry mafiahajeri, but I agree with Mike. Well, I agree with you on one thing: just because it doesn't "feel" like Max Payne, doesn't mean I'm going to write it off completely, as it does look good. For example, Halo: no Halo sequel captures what the first one had (I won't elaborate because this isn't about Halo...) but even so, I appreciate aspects of the sequels, and I've enjoyed playing them, even though I don't think they're anywhere near as good as the original.

But, you CAN make a judgement on a game before you've played it. Infact, we all make judgements on games based mostly on the trailers (who needs 20% of the game?). Obviously things change, you can play the game and realise it's better or even worse that what you thought. I used to be one of those people who would see a game trailer and in the back of my mind, I think it looks crap, but because I've brought all the garbage hype from the developers, I give it the benefit of the doubt and decide to give it a go. Much to my regret. I have since learnt to trust my instincts when it comes to these things, and I'm glad I have. So what, I shud play the ENTIRE game before I decide whether it's good or bad? Nope, the real world doesn't work like that. You gona find yourself wasting ALOT of time with that mindset. Maybe you have that time, I certainly don't, so I have to choose based on the small % I do know about a game, not the entire 100%.

Obviously I'm not saying Max Payne 3 will be crap, but some people can decide whether the game is for them or not, becuase they know what THEY want from the game. To me, it looks like p action game, so I'm interested, to them, they want a sequel to Max Payne, and they reckon it won't have the same style of story telling as the prequels (which I'm inclined to agree with, based on the what I've seen), so it doesn't have the thing they're interested in. See? It's called individual choice.

If you want to know why Mike says it isn't a Max Payne game, even though the title says "Max Payne 3" (I can see how that can confuse you.../s) then maybe you should ask him to EXPLAIN why it isn't Max Payne, rather than critizing him for forming an opinion that could save him $50 and 8 hours of his life.

orange-skittle2079d ago

THEY ARE ROCKSTAR. That's the bottom line. Have they disappointed gamers, reviewers, or share holders yet? This is the same developer that EA tried to come after, but didnt have enough money to buy because they release billion dollar games like skittles. If a developer was an IP, every fan of that IP would scream "PLEASE SELL IT TO ROCKSTAR!" They have such a talented team and they treat games as if there's nothing else in development. While doing this monster game they have a team working on this years biggest release in GTA5. C'mon, seriously...who's going to talk negatively about a company that gives a damn about gamers? Red Dead has already been hailed the best western video game EVER created. EVER. Their profile is padded with hits and the company is in a better state than most that have been there longer. They don't milk anything. GTA4 was released in 2008 and here it is in 2012 waiting for a glimpse of GTA5. More companies need to be more like them. My 2 cents.

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DirtyLary2079d ago

The RDR engine modded to a cityscape.

GunsAndTheBeast2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

Probably because it's no longer snowing. lol

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SageHonor2079d ago

You can go on youtube and see this stuff. There is nothing " emerging " about it.

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