Realm of Gaming: Kinect Star Wars Review

Mike Villalon states, "Kinect Star Wars gives players a reason to finally use their Kinect system in the way it was designed to be used, albeit in a frustrating and often unresponsive way."

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Ramon3MR2082d ago

Such a shame that this game sucked.

FlashXIII2081d ago

I consider it a good thing that it sucked and hopefully done poorly in sales. The last thing Star Wars fans want is a reason for Lucas to justify making such garbage.

Shadonic2081d ago

I played the demo and honestly it was not that bad,it still could of been done considerably better and well with a better storyline like the force unleashed having a character who uses amazing force moves would of been kinda cool in this game. The duels of fate could of also been improved upon and sped up to and have how well you do depend upon your reflexes.

Les-Grossman2081d ago

The Old Republic is losing subscribers left & right & hopefully this game tanked. LucasArts needs to wake up & start making games that the fans want. Such as Battlefront 3, KOTOR 3 & The Force Unleashed 3. Stop being idiots LucasArts

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