20 Biggest Discounted Games of 2012

Daily Game Sales are always looking for a bargain and here's no better way to save than grab a bargain from their 20 biggest discounted game of 2012.

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Braid2144d ago

Talking about discounts, the PC version of Alan Wake is %50 off and will be available for fifteen dollars at GOG until the 15th of May. With American Nightmare coming up this month, you may want to check the main game out first.

Ji99saw2144d ago

How is lollipop chainsaw already discounted?

Braid2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

@ Ji99saw,

It's not the discount but the existence of the game that surprises me.

Dude, the game that you mentioned contains the words lollipop and chainsaw in its title, right next to each other. Think about it: lollipops and chainsaws. Just makes your brain melt.