Next week’s Famitsu to include Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy XI anniversary features

Next week’s Famitsu will celebrate the 15th and 10th anniversaries of Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy XI.

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sinncross2118d ago (Edited 2118d ago )

I guess we are asking too much to hear any new info on upcoming FF games (FF7/9 related or not) .

But 2 of my fav FF's: this will be an interesting read. May just pick this famitsu up.

Snookies122118d ago

They're talking about FF11, not FF9 unfortunately lol. I wish they'd just remake FF7, FF8, and FF9 with Crisis Core style graphics. That way they wouldn't have to do a lot of voice acting or graphical work. But unfortunately Square Enix are too cowardly to touch SquareSoft's greatest works. Even though I don't understand why not. Even if they fail at a remake, it's not like the original games are going anywhere...

sinncross2118d ago

Seems excitement got the better of me and I misread the XI lol.

Oh well, whatever they have to say on FF7 will be interesting. I do wonder if the talk on FF11 may have some info pertaining to FF14.

Chrono2118d ago

What's so special about Crisis Core style graphics?

Snookies122118d ago

@Chrono - Well, the developers have already said remaking FF7 would be "too hard" these days, so I figure it would be much easier for them to remake if they didn't try to go all out and have say... FFXIII's graphics and instead used something akin to PSP quality.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2118d ago

Thing is, FF7 still needs one last game in the series. Dirge of Cerberus ended on a cliffhanger so yeah they need to complete that. Although...the only part I would be interested in at this point is seeing the FF7 world in HD, that aside, I had Advent Children for that. LOL

Snookies122118d ago

And Advent Children Complete! (Which is a MUCH better movie in terms of how it flows lol)

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2118d ago

Aha, yeah I meant the Complete blu-ray edition. It looked wonderful.

negroguy2118d ago

Final Fantasy 11 my first MMO and thoroughly enjoyed it. They did almost everything right and had a great community. Was hoping for their next MMO (final fantasy 14) to be even better but was horribly let down.

Edward752118d ago

Getting rdy to actually go back. Graphics don't bother me much.... But the game was very deep and satisfying. I played for 6 years, and I am looking forward to going back.

R_aVe_N2118d ago

I can't agree more still one of my all time favorite MMO's. I have been thinking about going back myself here lately with all the let downs on other MMO's.

Edward752118d ago

That is exactly what made me start thinking about going back. Then a buddy jumped back on.... And now I am waiting to get back home from vacation... Then it is on my friends! Dynamis and a relic.... Here I come!