Persona 4: The Golden Trophy List

Complete trophy list for Persona 4: The Golden (Japanese only).

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Snookies122260d ago

Ah yay! I love when trophies have a customized picture for each individual one! ^^

Can't wait to get this for Vita and experience the story again with all the added dialogue and new stuff.

banjadude2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

"I love when trophies have a customized picture for each individual one!"

Agreed, like Demon's Souls!

CaptainSheep2259d ago

If anyone wants to know, the Gold trophies are for defeating Margaret, defeating Izanami and completing the Persona book.

forevercloud30002259d ago

Thanks for the info man, bubbles to you.

I cannot wait for this game, I want this and Gravity Rush the MOST for VITA. This game feeds my need for pokemon/digimon/collectathon RPG game and I love the series to DEATH!!!! IZANAGI NO OKAMI FTW!!!!!!!!!! Although the ultimate Death Arcana(forget his name) from P3 is still the most bad ass looking persona with his cape of coffins, I love Izanagi as hes just too cool for school. :)

Snookies122258d ago

You forgot about Satan, he's freaking badass as well. XD

forevercloud30002258d ago

Well Satan is alright but I prefer him as his Lucifer carnation ;). My favorite thing to do in Persona is collect my "Order of Angels", they are like pokemon's legendary birds...

Arch Angel
Medatron(The Voice of God LOL)

Might be forgetting a few.