Nintendo must own E3 2012

MMGN: This is Nintendo’s big moment. They’ve admitted that they royally screwed us with the Wii and DS in favour of their cashed-up casual friends. Now they’ve come crawling back, as they want consumers to buy games consistently for the next five years, not just as a one-off with the hardware.

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Snookies122231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

We will see Nintendo... We will see... I haven't forgotten my glorious days with the beloved SNES, N64, and Gamecube. I've still got my eye on you, hoping you'll lead me back to your consoles with amazing games.

This is definitely their chance, let's hope they don't screw it up. I've got little hope for Microsoft at this point, saying they're focusing on Live rather than games. And as for Sony, i'm not sure what to think, saying something about 20+ new gaming experiences. If those are all new unannounced games, they win hands down.

jujubee882231d ago

It's statements like "Nitnendo must own" that turn me off from ANYTHING Nintendo related.

Look, seeing the company have a good showing is fine. We all look forward to an overall good E3, but seriously?

mike1up2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

In all fairness, Nintendo didn't make that statement, so how can that turn you off to ANYTHING Nintendo related?

jujubee882231d ago

You are right but, the fanbase and average person that does support the brand do have some impact on (my and other peoples) perception of the overall package.

While I love the VITA as thing that provides me much entertainment value, there is no reason for me to say, "VITA needs to own E3" and postulate on how everyone should bend to my thoughts and will (or Sony Playstation's).

It just seems like a very weird thing to do as a fan who really should just be enjoying and having a fun time with their toys.

mike1up2231d ago

"They admitted that they royally screwed us with the Wii and DS..."

Who the hell is "us"? Oh, you mean people that never bought a Wii in the first place? In actuality, those were the individuals that Nintendo addressed when they made that kind of statement. I say "kind of" because Nintendo never admitted to royally screwing anybody.

Furthermore, Nintendo has NEVER said anything negative about the DS. That makes you a liar.

Snookies122231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

I bought a Wii and felt kinda screwed over... There weren't enough great games to keep me on it. I frequently found it just collecting dust for months at a time. They focused way too much on people who weren't gamers, making casual shovelware. The Wii DID have some great games, but not enough to keep it alive throughout the years for a hardcore gamer.

mike1up2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

Fair enough, perhaps I came off a little bit too "intense". Sorry the Wii didn't cut the mustard for you.

...I bought a Wii, and I love it. (And) Yes, I consider myself as hardcore as they come. I own every single Zelda, Metroid and Mario title, and (re)beat them annually.

The Wii did something for me, that no other system could. The Wii gave me access to all the old games that I worshipped as a child. I absoutely love my library! Chrono Trigger actually got better with age, like a good wine.

The Wii also gave me chance to play games with my girlfriend. Instead of the usual, girlfriend sitting on the couch watching me play, she actually wanted to play games with me.

Yea shovelware is shovelware (and I hate it), but in all fairness Nintendo warned us before the Wii was released (different direction/not directly competing ftw).

axisofweevils2230d ago


Nintendo tried catering to these people with the N64 - they ignored it.

Nintendo tried again with the GameCube. They ignored it. Again.

After the lack of success, they tried a different track with the Wii - suddenly these same people accuse Nintendo of abandoning them.

Finally, Nintendo never apologised for abandoning the core - they apologised for the perception that they abandoned the core. The Wii has plenty of core games. But guess what? They were ignored - yet again.

ozzywazzy2230d ago

False. Most gamers (not fanboys) regard the N64 as a great system, even the Gamecube while not the best is regarded highly... So no, it wasn't ignored.

The general consensus is the Wii failed as a core console (before monetary numbers are thrown out). A lot of these people including myself are the same people who waited in lines for a first day purchase. For the most part once the novelty wore off it became a dust collector and unless your an absolute fanboy you'll agree.


"Who the hell is "us"? Oh, you mean people that never bought a Wii in the first place?"

He means most of the people who bought a Wii day one and made judgements based on the product. A lot of the people who dislike the wii are the same people who helped the wii sell record breaking numbers.

dark-hollow2231d ago

"They’ve admitted that they royally screwed us with the Wii and DS"

DS? REALLY? it had one of the biggest and most varied games libraries on handheld ever!

its even comparable to the ones on the PS2 and SNES imo.

Metroid0072231d ago

Remember they have a lot of talent lets see what they do with a HD console we have seen what sony/micro have done i wasnt overly impressed now its Nintendo's turn thats my view.

They also employed the Crytek employee who made CryEngine.

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