Microsoft patent details pressure-sensitive Xbox controller for storing players' profiles

Endgadget writes: Biometrics and laptop security go together like business meetings and boardrooms, but this Microsoft patent hints that gaming could be the next frontier for fingerprint recognition. The claims for "personalization using a hand-pressure signature" detail a product that may look like your standard 360 controller, but it features sensors to detect a user's identity.

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SignifiedSix2118d ago

That right there would stop account theft! Hopefully this is going into the nextbox.

JoGam2118d ago

Sounds good but how many times you drop ur controller? I can see the expensive controller breaking over time.

BrianG2118d ago

Actually quite cool. Would rather have it as an option though, just in case I have someone else use my profile to play.

NovusTerminus2118d ago

Hand... Pressure Sensor?

Sorry, but I hold my controller in about 8 different ways while playing. So this would screw me up horribly!

dark-hollow2118d ago

how it possible to detect someones profile by his hands pressure on the controller?


Depends on the precision of the system. If precise enough, it could go as far as taking your fingerprints.

But if they are going for the whole controller surface like the image indicates, my guess is that it will simply measure hand size (through inderect calculation based of fingertip distance and size), more than enough to tell users from the same home apart, maybe enough for internet security, but a small fingerprint reader would probably be more apropriate.

Red_Eye2118d ago

I doubt the world would stand for it if it took fingerprints, people are too paranoid about companies having their info as it is.

thebudgetgamer2118d ago

What if you're drunk and drop the controller on the floor.

BISHOP-BRASIL2118d ago (Edited 2118d ago )

Take another sip. You'll forget about that.

Patriots_Pride2118d ago

A. Pick it back up
B. Dont pick it back up
C. Ask someone to pick it up
D. Call 911 ASAP becuase you cant pick up your controller

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