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Tokitowa's Heroine Has a Split Personality

Andriasang: "We've been translating the name of Imageepoch's PlayStation 3 RPG Tokitowa (fully Toki to Towa) as "Time and Eternity" because that's what the kanji translates to. It turns out that there's a bit of play on words in there too. The name could also be translated to "Toki and Towa."

Toki is, of course, the name of the red-haired heroine. But Famitsu reveals this week that there's also a "character" named Towa."

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jacksonmichael1544d ago

... Is this coming out here or not!?

Godmars2901544d ago

Currently not.

Think they said if it sells well in Japan they'll consider it, but first its going to have to be finished and released.

j-blaze1543d ago

it's coming! well hopefully lol....if not me iz importing ~

the game looks stunning!

--1543d ago

I have a split personality.

--1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

I don't have a split personality.

Drainage1543d ago PersonalAttacksShow
Summons751543d ago

this need to come here it looks awesome!!

Hicken1543d ago

If you localize it, they will buy.