Save $5 When You Purchase Minecraft from Best Buy

Minecraft will be coming to the XBLA in just a few hours, but if you can’t wait to play this game, we’ve got just the thing. If you’re able to venture to Best Buy, you can purchase a download code for Minecraft for only $15, that’s a savings of $5, and you can redeem the code right now! The download will also be available online tomorrow morning, so if you don’t need it early, you can still save $5.

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konnerbllb2264d ago

Cool. The wife might like this

Patriots_Pride2263d ago

Anyone know if its split screen co-op?

guitarded772264d ago

Nice... $5 saved helps with all these damned video games saying "Buy me, buy me".

Lucretia2264d ago

but........its free on PC......I guess its cool to give the devs money....they need it too.

still rather play it free

konnerbllb2264d ago

It's $26 on pc. Are you a pirate?

WetN00dle692264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

No Minecraft for me till tomorrow. Cant wait to play this!

If anyone is interested and are a member over at Raptr you guys can get your hands on a Minecraft code for free on Thursday! Its part of the new Rewards system they have going on! Ill probably wait to get myself a code. BUT know that it will be a first come first serve type of thing since only 2500 codes will be available!


arbitor3652264d ago

"but if you can’t wait to play this game, we’ve got just the thing"

or you could get the REAL version of minecraft on the PC, that the REAL fans of the series play. the people getting it on xbox live will pick it up, play it a few days, and then never touch it again. which is just as well, because its not like that version will have the mods, user content, server features, and so on, which gives minecraft its true longevity.

anyone who knows anything minecraft knows how asinine this console port is. Don't buy it. if you have a brain in your head, get the PC version. with the xbox version you are getting literally less than a hundredth of the content.

Captain Qwark 92263d ago

stop being such a fanboy and grow up

Patriots_Pride2263d ago

You sound really hurt.

Not all of us are PC gamers so quit your yapping.

arbitor3652263d ago

you dont need a $1000 PC in order to play minecraft

ANY PC that was manufactured in the last 7 years will run it easily. whatever you are using to type this comment will run minecraft.

All you have to do is go to the minecraft site and click the giant shiny download button.

there is no excuse to not do this. well, except ignorance. and lets face it. the people buying the xbox version are casuals who know nothing about the game.

and for the record, im not even a huge PC gamer. I consider myself to be a console gamer primarily. but im also not an idiot, and I know a garbage port when I see one.