Xbox 360 at $99: How It Could Change The Industry, Or Fail Miserably

Veteran journalist Chris Morris takes a hard look at Microsoft subsidizing its Xbox.

The model Microsoft chose is a groundbreaking one. And while we won't know whether it's a bona fide success or not for some time, it's one that could potentially have a big impact on the gaming space.

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Sinner101GR2078d ago

I see no feasible change happening...

zeal0us2078d ago

Same here, because you can already do something like this, minus the xbl gold part, in some store.

vishant1012078d ago

its about market penetration i would never buy something like this but not everyone can afford to pay 250 upfront and its those people this is targeting. it can't fail the worst scenario it sells them no consoles which tbh isn't a big deal because they wont lose anything but they have a new entire market to capitalize on which is a smart business move

Patriots_Pride2078d ago

Its not for evryone but there are people who actully can not afford to spend $250 upfront.

I bought a sectional sofa they other day and could have gotten it for $400 cheaper but did not have $1,600 at the time so decided to go qith the $350 a month payment plan.

Godmars2902078d ago

Aside from leasing a console becomes a standard. Would let companies charge however much they want for an unleased system while the "discounted" would be relatively cheaper.

JokesOnYou2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

Life is full of choices....low entry point, pay about $40 extra over 2 years....not a bad deal. I don't know though, personally if your budget is that tight you probably should focus on other priorities, consoles are already at bargain prices for the wealth of entertainment they offer, i.e. movie playback, video chat, cable shows, TV shows, sports, music, videos, the list goes on 'n on then most importantly the high quality hd gaming, demos, and online gameplay, seriously they are worth the cash but if you can't afford $250-$300 for a long term investment then again this is just my opinion but you should focus on other priorities.

Hicken2077d ago

This isn't a long-term investment, though. It's a forced purchase.

If, at any time, you decide you don't want this 360, you're SOL. You either keep it for two years and pay a bit more than you would have up front, or you break the contract and probably pay $200+ then and there. Microsoft gets its system back, and you have NOTHING to show for whatever you've spent.

Will Microsoft implement some sort of trade policy where you can apply this 360 towards their new system? I get the feeling it won't be a whole two years since this thing goes live that the Nextbox drops.

It's one thing if a third party is doing this: rental places, for example. But they're not making money off of the very same product in other ways. They're not fooling anybody into thinking they're getting a good deal. Nor is it the same as a phone contract: you'll get to keep the phone even if you terminate the contract early, just without service.

Microsoft will take their system back(because that's the only way they can prevent you from using it... unless there's something that prevents it from playing unless it's connected to the internet, and that's a whole different can of worms), and you'll have paid money for something, and be left with nothing.

Not good.

JokesOnYou2077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

lol, how is buying a games console "a forced purchase" ,this is really simple if you can't afford $300+$60 upfront, then $60 more for a second year for a total of $420, then you can essentially pay $100 upfront and then $360 over a 2 two year timeframe for a total of $460 or in other words if you don't have the money yet but want this bundle now its costing you $40 in interest over 2 yrs...I don't see how its highway robbery sounds like standard credit/cell phone deals to me, however unlike cell phones that have become a neccessity for everyday life for most people (communication) a games console is purely a want so again I got to say if your budget is that tight, focus on school, working hard, saving, and set goals for a better career....then go buy the nextbox and ps4 without worrying about how you're going to pay for them.

Godmars2902077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

What Hicken's means by "forced purchase" is that if you go for this deal and are unaware of the fine details, your "choices" will boil down to either having to deal with 4GB - proabbly more like 2GB - or buy a HDD that's likely more than $99. Of having to get internet access, pay out another $20~$40 a month, or piss away the $15 a month you're already committed to.

JokesOnYou2077d ago

I get it, but that's hardly "a forced purchase" , the notion that the everybody is being fooled by this deal doesn't hold water, honestly if you suddenly see something go on sale with a "contract" attached with terms and conditions you MUST SIGN before purchase and you don't bother to read the contract then you are a moron, but I doubt the type of folks who are interested in this are all stupid, desperate maybe but surely not dumbfounded about what their getting into then I'm sure at least at that moment you are satisfied with the terms of the agreement. As for the consequences of failing to abide by the terms, well that's par for the course with ANY contract, which is why I sort of shake my head at anybody who's budget is so tight that they cant afford the console outright, yet are willingly ready to risk future financial difficulties just to have one now for a low entry fee.

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RedDead2078d ago

I might get this. Just to have two Xboxes and Kinect. It's very cheap. And obviously not use the Xbox live contract/cancel it/whatever. 4GB is **** but I 'll just use the other one for stuff that needs space, Or my ps3 or PC. Just have this for games and saving.

cpt2078d ago

Don't forget that you'll have to pay early termination fee if you cancel the contract. Basically, you'll have to pay the full price one way or another, which is roughly $40 higher than buying a separate bundle and LIVE subscription.

Nodoze2078d ago

read the fine print, this aint cheap.

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KwietStorm2078d ago

Even if it did "succeed," it wouldn't change the industry for the better, not by a long shot.

glennco2078d ago

everyone wants a subscription service these days. if they are planning on releasing new consoles every 2 years it may have a chance but otherwise FAIL

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