Can Black Ops II Break Sale Records?

Do you think that Call of Duty appeal and Activision's Marketing Muscles are enough to beat the enormous sale record set forth by first Black Ops?

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Lord_Sloth2235d ago

CAN it? Yes. SHOULD it? No.

scotchmouth2235d ago

It won't. I think we will see that the series has plateaued. It will sell a lot but it won't be beating any records. You can't smash records forever expecially when you rehash the same material.

GraveLord2235d ago

Will it? Yes.
Should it? Yes.

NYC_Gamer2235d ago

Call of Duty breaks records every year

The Meerkat2235d ago

It doesn't release 7 days after Halo 4 every year.

NYC_Gamer2235d ago

Hmmm....could people with only PC and PS3 play Halo 4?That's Call of Duty advantage its mainstream and available on more hardware....

mr_badhand2235d ago

I haven't played a Call of Duty since MW2, but this one does spark my interest. Maybe its time to get back in the fight!

falcon2622235d ago ShowReplies(1)
DFresh2235d ago

Well I look at this way it'll keep those pre-teen twats from coming to other games and ruining them.
By ruining them I mean camping, not playing the objective, not helping out their team mates, etc.
Call of Duty turns people into bitches when playing online.
It's ruined many online games because every f***ing developer wants to be like that crappy franchise for the money.

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