Review: Forza Motorsport 4 “May Top Gear Car Pack” DLC |

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to race on Laguna Seca in a transit van, or perhaps what it would be like to drive a car without a steering column? If the answer to these two questions is “yes”, then the latest downloadable content for Forza Motorsport 4 is for you! Join Nicholas Simonovski as he embraces his inner Clarkson and explain why the “May Top Gear Car Pack” is perhaps the worst the world.

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mcstorm2207d ago

"all these vehicles seem completely random and have nothing to do with the show" Dose the guy who posted this really watch Top Gear? If so then pay more attention when watching it and it might be worth watching the last few years worth of Top Gear and you may just find the Cars/Van in this DLC in the Shows of past Top Gear.

LAWSON722207d ago

This review is garbage the dlc was the best one yet. I got to upgrade a wrangler so much that on straight aways it flips from going to fast. Also had some fun with that new supercar that I got to go 268 against a Bugatti that hit 270 which was awesome. I don't think this reviewer does not know how to have fun

DiRtY2207d ago

A bad review, because he did not like the cars. Who would have thought that slow cars are slow in FM 4 as well.

A new low for gaming journalism.

dumahim2207d ago

I agree with the review, for the most part. Most of the cars are terrible and I did not purchase the DLC.

But yeah, a bunch of these have been in Top Gear. Nt that it really matters. I mean, what does Alpine Stars have to do with the cars from last month?

FordGTGuy2206d ago

How do you know that are terrible if you haven't bought the DLC?

dumahim2206d ago

You don't need to buy DLC to know a Smart, a van, and a Pacer are horrible cars for a racing game.

ironwolf2207d ago

This DLC pack is excellent. The Austin Healy alone is worth it's price and is an absolute delight to drive. All the vehicles have their place and will produce many hours of fun. Taking the Transit van around the Nurburgring is an unbelievable hoot. Buy it. Enjoy it. You won't regret it.