Metro: Last Light – Details about saving, jamming, side-missions, and factions | OnlySP

"Our 4A games source “THQvagrantscout” has returned on the official forums for Metro: Last Light, equipped with some more info on the upcoming game. Grab a gas mask as we dive right in." (Michael Urban, OnlySP)

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NYC_Gamer2086d ago

I'm damn sure looking forward to stepping back inside of the Metro universe

ATi_Elite2085d ago

Yeh me too! long wait for a quality title but well worth it cause I hate rush jobs.

Wonder how the WiiU version will stack up against the PS3/360. Finally a console capable of 1080p!

anyway I will be putting my SLi config to work on the PC version.

fossilfern2085d ago (Edited 2085d ago )

Are they not making more optimisations to the engine? I could of sworn I read somewhere that on one of the demos of Last Light it was running max on one 6870 or something. I honestly cant remember!

I should get this downloaded again on steam and actually play through it!

Edit: Never mind I must of been thinking of something elese it wasnt one 6870 :D. Still cant wait though

Orpheus2086d ago

I hope this surpasses all the other games of 2013 in terms of visuals ... and i guess it will :-D

Orpheus2085d ago

When i talk about Metro LL i forget about the other versions ..... :-)

Maxinhell2086d ago

Can't wait! It'll be awesome!

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