Soul Sacrifice Is From Keiji Inafune and Marvelous AQL

Andriasang: First details on PlayStation Vita's Soul Sacrifice have surfaced from Weekly Famitsu and the usual source for early Weekly Famitsu info, Sinobi.

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j-blaze2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )


Edit: Wait a minute,.. this is a Vita GAME?!!!..... my heart broke :(

MasFlowKiller2177d ago


I just hope it plays more like Demon Souls over Dark Souls if its in the same vein as those soul games

NewMonday2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

this looks to be an action/RPG with
Monster Hunter influence

don't read too much on the "Soul" part of the name.

edit: more info coming up.
"Famitsu's feature on Soul Sacrifice spans seven pages and includes story and monster details, so we should have an update later today, and certainly tomorrow when Sony will hold a press conference for the game.

cpayne932177d ago

I find it strange that you support xbox, which japan turned there back on, and hate on playstation, which japan loves. After all, you do say you love japan above all else and say that everything western is crap.

DigitalAnalog2177d ago

Yes, the irony IS strong with this one.

Darth Stewie2177d ago

Wow I thought this game was gonna be Demon Souls for Vita. Instead its Inafune's next game. Very Interesting.

sandman2242177d ago

If this is true ill buy me a vita

xursz2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

Has anyone seen the teaser for this with a short few seconds of gameplay? It looks f'kn incredible.


Darth Stewie2177d ago

I wonder if this means Inafune is part of Sony's team Japan.


Hard to tell... As far as I remember, he left Capcom in 2010 and created Intercept and Comcept.

Intercept is a game developer studio. Apparently it holds no special relation to any publisher.

Comcept is a free-lancer multi-media developer and collaboration partner (as they described themselves), they seen to also give some spotlight to Inafune Academy, an apprentice like project.

So I guess we would need to know how involved Inafune is, and through which company... If any at all... His the founder and owner of both companies, but nothing says he can't go and work directly for a publisher too.

So even if this game is to be published by SCEJ, is hard to tell how envolved Inafune and Sony are right now. He could just be advicing Marvelous AQL, working for them, or straight to Sony... Hell, maybe it's one of his padawans! LOL

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