CES 2008: Video: MGS4 Snake gets the Solid Eye - English dialogue

A 1 minute video that showcases the latest English build of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. In the video, Otacon gives Old Snake the new Solid Eye hardware. He later briefs Old Snake on the current mission and provides him with a weapon.

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Skerj3965d ago

Ok I know it was a crappy youtube video but DAMN, the framerate is so smooth. It looks so much more cinematic now than the old trailers which were awesome in their own but they seemed to fluctuate between 20-30fps.

KidMakeshift3965d ago

I hope this gets the Heavenly Sword, Uncharted treatment in the audio department. I really would like to play MGS4 in Japanese (I think the tone works better compared to the Hollywood like English dub)

Skerj3965d ago

I'll probably go through my second playthrough in Japanese audio if the option is enabled, which with the size of the BR disc I don't see why not unless they really did try to max it out. I'm too used to David Hayter as Solid Snake's voice because he's just SO damned good at it, so first play will be in English.

KidMakeshift3965d ago

I can only hope they include Khoisan
Click clock click

Korosuke3965d ago

I currently learn English, so it would be good that this game has English voice audio in my version.

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kingOVsticks3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

nice vid wish i could understand what otacon was saying instead of having one of those damn sony blue ray reps in my ear >_<

CrazzyMan3965d ago

yesterday watched TGS05 trailer again, well, the game now looks different, and in some aspects, worse(in some maybe better), then that TGS05 trailer, on the other hand, the video quality is pretty low, but still, the diference is noticeable.
on 18th second you can see, that tgs05 version looked better but i hope, that just was a crappy video quality.
well, it probably the best to wait direct feed quality. =)
well, compared to this image, suit in new build improved, just don`t like, that face changed the color that much.
however, game still look cinematic.

p.s. just stating my opinion. =)

Doctor Strange3965d ago

All the sound is uncompressed so you're getting the best audio quality possible for the most part.

The game looks very smooth man I can't wait for this to come out.

KidMakeshift3965d ago

I was referring to the multiple language tracks

calis3965d ago

I can't wait for this game. It just looks amazing.

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