EA shares lowest since '99 - is it now a takeover target?

Gamasutra:Reports that Nexon was planning a bid for the company proved to be a significant misunderstanding by a major news outlet, but with the company's revelation Monday that subscribers to Star Wars: The Old Republic are leaving at an alarming pace and that the future earnings outlook is tepid, those takeover talks may be resurrected.

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NYC_Gamer2264d ago

EA used to be the biggest publisher around....but now due to greed/bad business decisions the company is a train wreck..

zeal0us2264d ago

Bet that Nexon offer looks tempting to them right now .

SKUD2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

They might wan to start up talks with blizzard and ask for a bailout like activision did. Oh wait....

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Kamikaze1352264d ago

I hope so. They've been ruining franchise after franchise. I've been looking forward to The Secret World, but seeing how EA is involved, idk if I even want to try it out.

JsonHenry2264d ago

I've hated them ever since Command and Conquer 4.

Darth Stewie2264d ago

If Apple really wants to join the gaming industry buying EA and Rockstar would instantly force many gamers to buy their systems.

FarCryLover1822264d ago

I don't think Rockstar would sell to Apple.

guitarded772264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

Rockstar is owned by Take-Two Interactive.

sashimi2264d ago

Except that EA & Rockstar make games for multiple platforms, forcing them to go exclusive even to an Apple console would severely lower their value. Just sounds like a bad business decision.

Patriots_Pride2264d ago

Did you not get what he said.

Apple buy EA and R* - Apple is a multi-billion dollar company and buying EA or R* would be pocket change.

Apple would just the IP's that those companies own to make people buy an iconsole.Imagine GTA 5 exclusive to the imagine how many die hard fans would buy an iconsole just to play GTA5

BattleAxe2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

Rumor: Sony to stage hostile takeover of EA

I heard this from a guy, who heard it from another guy, who heard about it from somewhere :D

FarCryLover1822264d ago

With Sony's restructuring, I don't see them willing to pay Billions for EA at this juncture. They've got plenty of studios as is. Luckily they weren't affected :D

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brish2263d ago


OMG. I wasn't sure if "a guy" had any creditability but "another guy" is definitely on the level so it must be true! ;-)

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The story is too old to be commented.