Turok's dinosaurs and other creatures listed

Turok's developers have said that they designed the dinosaurs to give a sense of horror and uniqueness, and drew inspiration from zombie and monster movies.

Here's part of a list of so-far confirmed creatures in the game:
* Brachiosaurus;
* Coelophysis;
* Compsognathus;
* Dilophosaurus;
* Dromaeosaurus - Small, big-eyed raptors. Possibly juvenile Utahraptors;
* Gallimimus;
* Lurker - A fictional dinosaur created for the game. It is a cross between a dinosaur and a jungle cat in appearance;
* Parasaurolophus;
* Tyrannosaurus Rex;
* Juvenile Tyrannosaurus Rex;
* Utahraptor - Apparently there are different types of this dinosaur or male, female and juvenile versions;
* Giant scorpions;
* Miscellaneous giant insects;
* Miscellaneous sea serpent boss;
* Pteranodon;
* Other herbivores - Some dinosaurs like these are harmless;
* Giant carnivorous plants.

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LJWooly3929d ago

Turok looks sweet.

It's on my list, that's for sure.

SullyDrake3929d ago

I knew what most of them were. My dream as a kid was to be a paleontologist - a guy who digs and studies dino bones. So I remember much from my old dino books.

Honestly, this game might be the sleeper hit of the year. Besides the Unreal Engine 3 looking absolutely dazzling in this game, it's got solid action and might be the best FPS until Resistance 2.

Give it a shot people. It makes dinos cool again.

Charlie26883929d ago

I also wanted to be a paleontologist I even have a whole section of my library dedicated only to Dinosaurs :P

If you want Dinos to be cool again hope Capcom brings Dino Crisis 4 (hopefully with the same quality of either 1 or 2...I dont even count the 3rd one its heretical XD)

SullyDrake3929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

Man, we so would have been buddies when we were young!

Dino Crisis is my favorite Survival Horror game, and Dino Crisis 2 is one of my favorite Action/Horror games. DC3 was a blasphemy...

Even if they redid the first on PS3, I'd buy it.

One of my favorite dinos that should be in Turok 2: Ceratosaurus

Charlie26883929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

I actually have several favorites but among those my even more favorite ones should have to be


I am also a whore in Dino Crisis I have beat the first one like 3 times and the second one like 4 or 5 :P

SullyDrake3929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

I even got all the costumes in the first one and cleared the bonus mode! Good old Capcom always knows how to beef up the replay value!

And Spinosaurus rocks to no end! Screw T-Rex, Spino should be in Turok as well!

dino6453929d ago

Thats very funny coz i wanted to be a paleontologist when i was a kid 2 and dino crisis 1 & 2 were may fav ps one games i so hope they bring out a dino crisis 4 that carrys on from dino crisis 2...

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Charlie26883929d ago

Glad to see they are trying to aim at a little bit of realism and don't pretend go around pretending like in movies that the Velociraptors were actually big and actually choose for the game the big dinosaur of the raptor family: the Utahraptor

But I have to be honest I am a little disappointed with the lack of other (better) predators like Allosaurus, Tarbosaurus, Spinosaurus and Giganatosaurus

the selection of herbivores its pretty good they got the classics :)

dino6453929d ago

ya im glad they have done that 2 with the Velociraptors.. it would be so cool if they had a Giganatosaurus and a Allosaurus...

Mcrmarcher3929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

yea this game looks brilliant going to have to get this, always have been a fan of the turok series since n64, the good old days=)

SullyDrake3929d ago

Used to go to the old game store and pay $1 for 5 minutes of N64 Turok. Man, it seemed magical back then.

LJWooly3929d ago

I know, when i'm playing this, i'll be spending less time killing the dinos, and more time trying to get the dinosaurs to eat the people. The AI in this game looks amazing, and I can see this being really fun.

As Mitchell said above me, it makes dinos cool again.

So come on, people! Bring the Dinos back!!

SullyDrake3929d ago

Online is gonna be so sweet! I expect to see you all there of course.

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