Paid Uncharted 2 DLC Now Free In the US

"If you've been waiting for a reason to get Uncharted 2, then this might be the push you need. After a long run the DLC has been changed from paid to free on the Playstation Store. " - JPS

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Emilio_Estevez2079d ago

Sweet, never pass up free dlc.

Yi-Long2079d ago

... I feel all DLC for the game that's in that GOTY version should be offered free for those fans who bought the game day 1 for full price.

It's kinda twisted how the biggest fans who support the game from day 1 are screwed over with the whole DLC-nickel-and-diming while those who wait 9 months and only pay 20-30 bucks get much more content.

Better yet, I feel developers should make ALL their DLC free, cause that would mean more people would hang on to their copies instead of selling them, thus battling 2nd hand sales!

Dacapn2079d ago

It's also unfair that I can buy Sonic 2 for 50 cents when the biggest fans who supported the game day one paid $40...

Yi-Long2079d ago

..I said it's kinda 'twisted' that developers are not REWARDING their biggest day 1 fans with free DLC to make sure they hang onto their copy of the game, but instead nickel-and-dime them for all they're worth...

... and when you are a patient guy (like I am, who refuses to buy a game day 1 if it's going to be DLC-milking), you're much better off just waiting 9 months and getting a complete release for a fraction of the price. WHICH IS GREAT!

Just saying that developers might want to kinda look at how they're doing business. They say they want to battle 2nd hand sales, and what better way to do that than by making sure your fans are keeping on to their copy of the game cause after a few months there is still free DLC coming out for it!?!?

It also means the lifespan of the online MP will be longer, which is another good thing.

LOGICWINS2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

"..I said it's kinda 'twisted' that developers are not REWARDING their biggest day 1 fans with free DLC to make sure they hang onto their copy of the game, but instead nickel-and-dime them for all they're worth..."

Early adopters are already rewarded. They had the game before everyone else. The con is the invevitable GOTY edition that will release at a discount.

Late adopters are rewarded. They get to enjoy the complete experience at a discount. The con is waiting 6-10 months for a GOTY edition.

There are pros and cons in both scenarios. No one party gets more screwed than the other or more rewarded.

For example, I plan on buying UC3's GOTY edition. I'm getting the game plus 14 DLC packs for $50...but I've missed out on 8 months of UC3 online fun and most experienced players will have the upper hand on me. Pros and cons.

TheDivine2079d ago

I agree with you but they do it to give an incentive to people who might not buy it otherwise. All the core fans would have it already so they try to give a deal to those who are sitting on the fence or who might enjoy it but not for full price. The game also loses value the longer its out and after the launch hype dies down. Its messed up but makes sense from a buisiness perspective. Those new players will also make the mp more fun for those who already have it cause alot of people drop off after a while.

Nimblest-Assassin2078d ago

Even though I bought both Uncharted 2 and 3 day 1.. I don't mind. Im supporting studios I trust and have a good relationship with.

But I understand why core fans are pissed of because it feels like we get gimped and forgotten for new players, but I just say you know what Im fine supporting dev's I love. Rocksteady, ND, Irrational and Nintendo are few examples of devs I trust.

But new dev's like Lightbox are trying to build a fanbase by making all their map packs free, which I think is a great way to gain popularity.

It really depends on how much a fan you are, and if you love a studio and do not mind supporting them, get the game and all dlc full price. If your not crazy on a studio wait it out for price drops so you to can choose if you like/dislike the studio.

2v12078d ago

unchated 2
9 month old?

Lazy_Sunday2078d ago

Time erodes the value of almost everything made by mass production in order to compete with the next best thing, and on rare occasion after a time it can antique certain items to increase their value.

Of course you'll be paying $60 day 1, and $20 for the first expansion day 1, and then another $20 for the next expansion day 1, but remember, you got to play them day 1, nobody spoiled any details for you on the internet, and your experience is lustrous instead of lack-luster.

SheenuTheLegend2078d ago

gr8 thinking and they can also remove the dlc support and reduce the price for the late comers
but for the hardcore fans dlc needs to be free.

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miyamoto2079d ago

Yup its better than nothing!

Kran2079d ago

I kinda hate it when they do that.

Sure, good, its free to those who haven't bought it... but those who bought it ages ago might think:

Oh. Well.... oh.

admiralvic2079d ago

Each situation has a price.

A) You lost X bucks, but you get to enjoy it during the games lifespan and can play with friends.
B) It's free, but very few people are playing and many of your friends sold their copy, are sick of playing or you try to find one of the only people still playing the game.

sikbeta2079d ago

Keywords are *ages ago*

those who buy it 2 years ago, got their money well spent as they enjoyed the DLC for 2 years, newcomers will do it now when U3 is already out, so they're lttp...

2079d ago
Y_51502079d ago

That's great news! Anyone who haven't tried out Uncharted 2 multiplayer should try it out now, it's the best time! Or buy Uncharted 3 and have fun with that aswell! :)

Enmson2079d ago

i wish it will be free in the uk store as well

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