Sony cuts production cost of PS3, may give Xbox 360 run for its money

Gamer.Blorge, January 12, 2008, by Jonathan Schlaffer:

"Ever since Sony released the PS3, the company was blasted for including features that 'no one' wanted. The Blu-Ray drive just appeared to make the device all the more expensive, HDMI outputs and WiFi added to the cost of the unit as well. A little over a year later, it appears as though the company knew exactly what it was doing."

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TANOD3993d ago

However the MARKET LEADER now is WII

so SONY has to combat WII

However with the 2008 lineup it is waranteed that wii will be history in 2008. same goes to x360 which is already irrelevant in EU and JAPAN

Expy3993d ago

Well, that's if you generalize it for "gaming" in general. However in high-definition entertainment, the Wii isn't even a contender.

Bathyj3993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

Sony doesn't have to combat the Wii. Coke sells more bottles than Dom Perignon. You think the winemakers care about Coke?

Nintendo have turned their back on us gamers in order to become successful again. Thats ok, they did what they had to do to not go under. But... they're no longer relevant to me. Only Sony and M$ are looking after us now.

jorellpogi3993d ago

I agree with Expy that Wii is not a competitor like 360. The Wii will supplement PS3/360. It's not even HiDef.

PirateThom3993d ago

I agree, as a gamer, Nintendo died to me with the Game Cube... as a Nintendo fan, they've been dead to me since the N64. I wish I could love Nintendo again, but I don't like their console or their handheld now.

CrazzyMan3993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

though of`course wii is taking some casual sales from PS3, but also expanding base of people which play console games. These people after some time may want to get HD experience, and then will be PS3 show time. =)

However, while wii appeal to casuals that don`t care about graphics, PS3 will appeal to NEW casual base, which will see amazing PS3 graphics and will want to get PS3. I`m talking about this stuff -
Overall PS3 and Wii will end with pretty close numbers LTD.

Well, x360 already made it`s hardcore fan base, but since 2008 i see sales to decline, of`course price cut will rise sales, but overall, it will be good if x360 pass 8 mln. in 2008. x360 just DON`T have games in 2008, that would really move console and interest new users.
x360 has great games for 2008, like Alan Wake, Too human, Lost Odyssey, Fable 2, Halo Wars, Infinite undiscovery, Ninja gaiden 2 and etc. But this won`t make sales for the system, because about most of these games only x360 owners care. Most just hardcore gamers.
In reality only GTA4 has some chances to increase x360 sales in overall.
PS3 going to offer much better gaming experience in many ways. Starting from free online, and ending with variety of genres.

Lifendz3993d ago

You use the word "however" just as much as he does. Anyway no one is really counting the Wii in this. The Wii is a lot like the PC; in a class of it's own. This is a two horse battle for next-gen dominance between MS and Sony.

lawman11083993d ago Show
Sarick3993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

Wii is just to simple as a machine. It's easygoing easy to setup and cheap.

I think one reason why is selling well is because it's not engineered as a multimedia device. A lot of people still look down on the Wii like it's a toy. IMHO as a parent I'd buy my 8-10 year old $250 Wii over a $400-600 high tech computer device.

Don't get me wrong I love my Wii. It just makes me feel like buying a PS3 or 360 for an 8-10 year old is like buying a $1000 PC for kids to break. They don't seem appropriate high tech devices as much.

I suppose the Wii does suit casual gamers more then hardcore gamers. It's hard to image granny playing God of War or Halo. Much easier to imagine them playing Mario or Wii games.

Guess thats why people like it.

I think the technology on a PS3 or 360 intimates some people as well. To many people seem to fear high technology. Wii doesn't seem to cutting edge and appears less intimidating to some.

These are just my humble opinions though. I'm sure there or other reasons but considering the sales for the current gen consoles It's hard for me to deny these possibilities.

MEGANE3993d ago

but in 2008(summer or fall)wii will come out with another strange game like wii yoga or wii meditation(ala wi fitness or whatever u call it)and they will sell 3 milllion in japan. who fking knows what japanese people wants??????????

BrianC62343993d ago

He said the PS3 has a few good games coming this year. What? Is he serious? It has a lot of great games coming.

As for Sony having to beat the Wii, no problem. You see, the Wii is a mere fad. You know why it's so hard to find a Wii? Nintendo knows people aren't buying Wii games. They have to keep the hype going. The best way to do it is make it hard to find one. But soon people will tire of that story. The Wii will end up like the Gamecube. A few big games here and there from Nintendo. And nothing else. Third party developers are already upset over poor sales. Who knew that casual gamers don't buy games? Hmmm.

gamesR4fun3993d ago

no one does game machines better.
(well maybe the Saturn did but we know how that turned out)

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HarryEtTubMan3993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

PS3 is gonna really pick up a LOT of momentum in 2008. Sony is gonna make the Price JUST right. Now that they are beating Microsoft... they will never lose again. 9 more years of defeat it is for the RRODbox!

This Article = THE TRUTH and the bots hate it hahahaha... its to the point where they lie about how many consoles are sold and report REAL articles to censor all the great PS3 momentum. ITS REAL BOTS AND ONLY GONNA GET BETTER AND BETTER FOR PS3! Get used to it!

GIJeff3993d ago

MS F*cked it up by releasing the 360 too early. So while the PS3 is ready to live on for 10 years, the 360 will be replaced by MS in 2010/2011, because it was released early with mediocre hardware. So, the PS3 will have to compete with the "720" or whatever for 2-4 years before the ps4 is released. Unless ps4 comes early too. But i dont want it to. It would be too early and the advancements in 3-4 years arnt worth it. we need 5-7 years of advancements to make ps4 worth it. MS is trying to F*ck up the industry to make the video games world more like the PC world. Expect xbox730, 740 and 750 in 1-2 year increments. We as gamers need to tell MS to go F*ck themselves and demand a realistic hardware timeframe.

Panthers3993d ago

Releasing a new 360 soon would be terrible since the RRoD is still fresh in peoples minds. Not to mention the money thrown down at the Premium and later the Elite and maybe the Ultimate soon. I think people are tired of having to upgrade hardware so fast now-a-days.

SJL4803993d ago


I wouldn't worry about ps4 releasing early. If you think about it Bluray should be around for awhile with multi layers. All they would really do is drop the rsx and run two cells or leave the rsx and add a cell.

jaja14343993d ago

Umm a 5 year console life has been the norm for some time though the PS2 went on for 7, would had been 6 had it not been for the delay that the BR caused. So say the next Xbox does come out in 11 which at this point is just a wild guess, that would indeed stick to the normal time frame. Also around that 5 year mark is when the tech. of the system system begins to really show it's age. While the PS2 still has some nice looking games, they compare to nothing to the 360/PS3 offers so in order to keep pace with tech. trends you have to release new hardware, hence the 5 year mark.

But judging from your comment you are probably a necrotic fanboy instead of a gamer so what I said will all go to waste. All well. :(

candystop3993d ago

10 years would be just plain stupid and way to long for this next step in console gaming! If you are willing to wait 10 years then why in the he11 would you have even purchased a PS3 when you could of stuck with ps2! I was glad when the 1st xbox released because it was the 1st console to show visuals close to what PC's offer and got Sony to stop pulling legs with it's weak consoles and make the PS3! 360 has along way to go just like PS3 and I'm hoping they announce another console by 2010 so we gamers can enjoy the next big thing instead of waiting! You can hate on 360 all you want but competition is good and without it there's no telling where the industry would be!

BrianC62343993d ago

"I wouldn't worry about ps4 releasing early. If you think about it Bluray should be around for awhile with multi layers. All they would really do is drop the rsx and run two cells or leave the rsx and add a cell."

I remember reading that the Cell can talk to other Cells on a network. Wouldn't it be amazing if the PS3 could be upgraded by just attaching a Cell module to your network? The new Cell could work with your PS3 and add more power. I don't know if this rumor was really true but it would be great if upgrading a PS3 was as easy as buying a Cell module for $100 and plugging it in.

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PSWe603993d ago

Told you nae sayers that Sony knew what it was doing

Bathyj3993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

"The Blu-Ray drive just appeared to make the device all the more expensive, HDMI outputs and WiFi added to the cost of the unit as well. A little over a year later, it appears as though the company knew exactly what it was doing."

Alot of us knew this from the start. Thats why we didnt mind paying a big cost because it was still worth it. Now its more than worth and I'm glad more people will see that and jump on board.

I just hope this news doesn't stall sales, with people waiting for a price cut. Dudes dont wait 6 months to save a hundred dollars. Youre not saving $100, you're losing 6 months.

crck3993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

Until the holidays if at all. Just because Sony isn't losing their shirt on each system any more doesn't necessarily mean they want to start losing money on them again. They lost over 2 billion from selling the first 2-3 million units at the $600 price. They need to recoup or at least not add to that debt.

CrazzyMan3993d ago

i think the best deal would be PS3 40GB/80GB with PS2 support, with dualshock 3, with hdmi and MGS4 bundle for 349-449$/€ to get.

of`course it`s 6 month, But sony just should offer better deals. =)

For example these Ratchet or HS bundles in Canada looks pretty nice

Overall, unless you are multiplayer fan, TODAY neither x360, neither ps3 offer you more then 6 month of SINGLE player gaming with average 4h playing per day. I mean of good games, not some average. And i`m speaking about finishing games, not exploring them for 100h. =)

BrianC62343993d ago

Sony can afford to include Blu-ray because it's their format and they make the drives so they get everything at their cost. This is where Microsoft has it tougher. They're a software company. They have to pay for parts. I guess if they waited six months and included an HD DVD drive maybe Toshiba would have sold them the drives at cost. Too bad for the 360 and HDDVD that Microsoft was in such a hurry to release their new console. Things could have been much different.

I knew from the start though that the PS3 was the console to support. No thanks on the 360. I have enough trouble with Windows.

3993d ago